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Summary0031150: Visualization - provide interface to change selection entities sensitivity factor
DescriptionSensitivity factor of entities is hard-coded inside the entity.
1. It's difficult to know which sensitivity is used for some time without this entity creation (e.g. point, edge, triangulation). It's proposed provide some interface to know it. It would be useful if we want to changed it (to know relation to default value).

2. To change it for one of possible types(not each) we need to redefine ComputeSelection in presentation. (Here if we use AIS_Shape and want to change sensitivity only for vertices, redefine for each presentation is not very convenient)

As workaround we may use SetSensitivity of SelectMgr_Selection for some presentation. But it'll change sensitivity for each entity of a presentation.

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    0031150: Visualization - provide interface to change selection entities sensitivity factor

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