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0031073Open CASCADEOCCT:Codingpublic2023-08-01 15:09
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Summary0031073: Coding - Image_PixMapData shall have data fields private
DescriptionImplementation of the class Image_PixMapData is unsafe: its fields that characterize internal structure of data (SizeBPP, SizeX, SizeY, SizeRowBytes, TopToDown) are public and can be changed arbitrarily, thus the class does not guarantee integrity of its internal state. I propose that these fields should be private, and relevant methods added to access them (read-only).

Field TopToDown should not be accessible as is (i.e. with value either 1 or UINT_MAX) but as Boolean flag. Method Image_PixMap::TopDownInc() is confusing (documented to return either +1 or -1 but returns unsigned) and does not seem useful, better shall be removed.
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child of 0031048 closedabv Visualization - runtime error reported by Clang undefined behavior sanitizer in Image_AlienPixMap::Save() 


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