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0030948Open CASCADEOCCT:Configurationpublic2019-09-15 10:55
Reporterabv Assigned Toabv  
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Target Version7.4.0Fixed in Version7.4.0 
Summary0030948: Configuration, CMake - problem building with CMake 3.15.2
DescriptionWhen configuring OCCT build with CMake 3.15.2 on Windows (target compilers tried VS 2019 and VS 2015), shortcut header files MainWindow.h and CommandWindow.h get generated in uppercase by CMake command configure_file (see adm/cmake/occt_macros.cmake, line 342). Then these files get removed because their names do not match anymore names of original headers:

Info: (08:00:10) Create header-links in inc folder...
Info: (08:00:17) Checking headers in inc folder...
Warning. (COMMANDWINDOW) D:/ABV/OCCT/occt/win64/vc14/cmake/inc/COMMANDWINDOW.h is not used and will be removed from D:/ABV/OCCT/occt/win64/vc14/cmake/inc
Warning. (MAINWINDOW) D:/ABV/OCCT/occt/win64/vc14/cmake/inc/MAINWINDOW.h is not used and will be removed from D:/ABV/OCCT/occt/win64/vc14/cmake/inc
Info: (08:00:18) End the collecting

The problem depends on particular names of the files: if I rename MainWindow.h by adding or removing single letter, no capitalization occurs.

The problem is not reproduced with CMake 3.12.0.
Steps To Reproduce1. Configure OCCT build with CMake
2. Change name of some of shortcut header files in folder "inc" of the build directory to different case, e.g. "MainWindow.h" -> "a.h" -> "MAINWINDOW.h"
3. Start new instance of CMake-GUI
4. Run Configure
==> It will report MAINWINDOW.h as not part of OCCT and remove it (that's logical, OK)
5. Run Configure again
==> It will regenerate MAINWINDOW.h in uppercase and remove it again
Additional information
and documentation updates
The problem is not reproduced after restart of CMake instance.

The problem was triggered by the fact that my inc folder contained the problematic files in uppercase (the case of these files has been changed recently within 0030091). Apparently the CMake-GUI process (or a system) somewhere cached these names as uppercase, so that the old case was restored even after removal and consequent regeneration of these files.

This is clearly a problem of CMake-GUI, but it does not seem really critical, so I suppose can be ignored for now.
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related to 0030091 closedbugmaster Community Configuration - allow cross-compilation from Linux (case sensitive filesystem) to x86_64-w64-mingw32 



2019-09-06 08:55

administrator   ~0086835

Branch CR30948 has been created by abv.

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Author: abv
Date: Fri Sep 6 08:52:03 2019 +0300

    0030948: Configuration, CMake - problem building with CMake 3.15.2
    Minor corrections in CMake procedures and include statements


2019-09-07 11:20

manager   ~0086915

The problem was caused by specific situation I had in my build directory (see above) and is caused by misbehavior of CMake-GUI. The problem is quite specific and is not expected to occur regularly; it can be avoided by running new instance of CMake-GUI and using clean build. Thus I propose to integrate some corrections I made during investigations (see branch CR30948) and close the issue.


2019-09-15 10:55

administrator   ~0087102

Branch CR30948 has been deleted by inv.

SHA-1: 0f8449c668fe775112ce0b42456c9537126019cb

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occt: master 3b80dc16

2019-09-06 05:52:03


Committer: abv Details Diff
0030948: Configuration, CMake - problem building with CMake 3.15.2

Minor corrections in CMake procedures and include statements
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mod - adm/cmake/occt_macros.cmake Diff File
mod - src/Draw/CommandWindow.cxx Diff File
mod - src/Draw/MainWindow.cxx Diff File

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