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0030947Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2022-10-24 10:41
ReporteremvAssigned Toifv 
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Product Version7.3.0 
Target Version7.8.0 
Summary0030947: Modeling Algorithms, BRepClass_FaceClassifier - Incorrect classification of the point
DescriptionGeometrical (precise) classifier returns ON status for the point which is clearly OUT of the face. It happens due to usage of unreasonable big tolerance (1.e-5) for intersection of the classification ray with the edges of the face.
Steps To Reproducerestore [locate_data_file bug30880_face.brep] f
point p2d -0.0034857302428251678 0.016350559703980902
if {![regexp "OUT" [b2dclassify f p2d -tol 1.e-7]]} {
  puts "Error: Incorrect classification of the point"
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related to 0029421 feedbackmsv Open CASCADE Make face classifier algorithm stable and robust 



2019-09-06 07:57

administrator   ~0086828

Branch CR30947 has been created by emv.

SHA-1: d7fe70f95c09ae74e820e35505c0c980fc4ba72f

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: emv
Date: Wed Sep 4 16:25:49 2019 +0300

    Provide possibility to check the ON status of the point for the face using the real tolerances of the sub-shapes of the face.

Author: emv
Date: Thu Aug 22 13:54:53 2019 +0300

    0030880: Bug in BRepExtrema_ExtCF
    Correct tolerance management during intersection of the classification ray with edges of the face.


2019-09-06 08:01

developer   ~0086829

The attempt to use the correct tolerance for intersection (first commit) leads to a few regressions in iges and step readers due to undetected ON status. Attempt to fix these regressions by checking the ON status in 3D using the real tolerances of the sub-shapes of the face (second commit) fixes some of the initial regressions, but introduces more new ones.


2021-09-02 19:43

reporter   ~0103693

Please use the command "b2dclassify f p2d 1.e-7 1" in your point status check.
1 - use of Bnd_Box in point classification.

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