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0030648Open CASCADE[OCCT] Website:Portalpublic2019-04-15 15:102019-04-15 18:21
Assigned Tobri 
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Target Version[OCCT] 7.4.0*Fixed in Version 
Summary0030648: Website:Portal - move articles to Developers Blog section
DescriptionWe have a list of articles on Development Portal which are currently badly accessible - they have been published as Forum topics.

It is desired moving these articles out of Forum, so that:
- Each article having human-readable URL.
- New section "Development Blog" should have a form of a ribbon of articles, with newest on top.
  This is usually done on a "main" page, but I hope this can be enabled on non-main page as well.
- Comments should be still possible.
- Dedicated page listing all posted articles with short description and publication date (in contrast to a ribbon, which includes article quotation).

Current list of articles:

        ◦ Refactoring
            ▪ Unification of diagnostic tools in OCCT [ABV] [^]
            ▪ First version of OCCT without WOK and CDL [ABV] [^]
            ▪ Redesign of RTTI: performance comparison [KGV] [^]
        ◦ Modeling
            ▪ Refactoring of BRepMesh [OAN] [^]
            ▪ 3D Model Defeaturing [EMV] [^]
            ▪ Splitting operation [EMV] [^]
            ▪ Boolean Expressions on shapes [EMV] [^]
            ▪ Volume Maker algorithm [EMV] [^]
            ▪ Fuzzy Boolean Operations [EMV] [^]
            ▪ Gluing Options in Boolean Component [EMV] [^]
            ▪ Boolean Operations With Multiple Arguments [PKV] [^]
            ▪ Speed up Boolean operator for many simple shapes [PKV] [^]
            ▪ Application of stohastic algorithms in extrema [AML] [^]
        ◦ Visualization
            ▪ Weighted Blended Order-independent transparency [KGV] [^]
            ▪ Rendering performance counters [KGV] [^]
            ▪ Local Context removal [KGV] [^]
            ▪ Programmable Pipeline to become the main rendering path in Open CASCADE Technology [KGV] [^]
            ▪ Evolution of TKMeshVS component [KGV] [^]
            ▪ Stereoscopic rendering in Open CASCADE Technology [KGV] [^]
            ▪ Redesigned selection in OCCT 6.9.0 [VPA] [^]
            ▪ Immediate mode in OCCT 3D Viewer [KGV] [^]
            ▪ Shader support in OCCT 6.7.0 [SAN] [^]
            ▪ Ray tracing progress: support for lines, markers and text added [SAN] [^]
            ▪ Ray tracing as alternative rendering method for OCCT visualization component [SAN] [^]

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