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0030568Open CASCADEOCCT:Configurationpublic2023-08-01 15:09
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Summary0030568: CMake: unified functionality to collect prerequisites
DescriptionIn OCCT-based projects and OCCT itself it is common to install all 3rdparty libraries along with target project to avoid usage of bat files, setting necessary environment (like INSTALL_FREEIMAGE option).

In OCCT-related projects it is needed to specify libraries and their locations explicitly. At the same time, CMake supports cross-platform tools aimed to collect dependensies of target binary file (either library or executable).

It is suggested to create common procedure distributable with OCCT and located in cmake folder, e.g. cmake_prerequisites.cmake, that could be used from successor projects to collect its dependencies and simplify usage of OCCT as an SDK.

CMake reference:
Example of usage is given in "Steps to Reproduce".

Note that this functionality requires target projects be compiled as soon as it works with binaries only. Thus, this stage can be implemented as a custom target procedure:

    prerequisites ALL
    COMMAND call "${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/env.bat" ${VCVER} ${ARCH} $(ConfigurationName)
    COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -DBUILD_TYPE=$(Configuration) -P cmake_prerequisites.cmake
    COMMENT "Collecting prerequisites"
Steps To Reproduceinclude (GetPrerequisites)
set (DIRS "${OCCT_BIN_DIR}")
  gp_resolve_item(${CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_DEBUG}/${PROJECT_NAME}.dll "${DEPENDENCY_FILE}" "" ${DIRS} resolved_file)

  get_prerequisites("${resolved_file}" DEPENDENCIES_1 1 1 "" "")


<install all prerequisites>
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