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0030528Open CASCADEOCCT:Meshpublic2019-02-28 11:01
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Summary0030528: Reduced data model with edges with an unique TEdges
DescriptionIn case when shape contains many egdes sharing the same TEdge with different locations it would be useful to keep a single reference edge and locations within model's faces separately.

This will potentially reduce amount of memory needed to keep model edges and reduce number of tesselation operations that can be performed several times for the similar edge.
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child of 0030497 closedapn [REGRESSION] Mesh - wrong Poly_Polygon3D within local selection of located shape 



2019-02-28 10:41

developer   ~0082441

It is needed to analyze all consequences of such changes. E.g., if the same edge would get different subdivision depending on neighboring faces (if subdivision depends on curvature of the face) we will have to duplicate such edge anyway.


2019-02-28 10:42

developer   ~0082442

Or, take the maximal subdivision among all instances?


2019-02-28 10:54

developer   ~0082443

Last edited: 2019-02-28 11:01

Actually, BRepMesh considers geometry on neighboring faces to produce unified polygon suitable for entire set of faces sharing particular edge.

Another effect that we should be sure about in this case is correct orientation of an edge within face.

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