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0030377Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:DRAWpublic2018-11-16 07:302018-11-20 11:37
Assigned Toabv 
PlatformOSWindowsOS Version
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Target Version[OCCT] 7.4.0*Fixed in Version 
Summary0030377: DRAW, Windows - command executed via option -c fails on puts
DescriptionIf some command or script executed using DRAW command line option -c contains puts command, it fails on Windows with a message

> can not find channel named "stdout"

In particular, this happens with command testgrid since it uses puts.

The reason is that Tcl creates separate instances of channels for standard streams (stdin, stdout, stderr) for each execution thread. Draw_Interpretor is initialized (during call to ReadInitFile()) for work in separate thread (created by Run_Appli() in Draw_Window.cxx) and contains channels that are created for that thread. When command given with -c option is evaluated from the main thread, Tcl does not find stdout instanced for that thread among the channels registered in the interpretor, so it fails.

To correct this, the command given by -c option should be executed in the appropriate thread (one of tkLoop).
Steps To ReproduceModify draw.bat to add "-c puts AAA" or "-c testgrid demo draw" as arguments to DRAWEXE, when run it
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related to 0029996assignedabv Porting to VC 2017 : Regressions in visualisation 

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abv (manager)
2018-11-19 14:37
edited on: 2018-11-19 14:49

It is discovered that when OCCT is built with ActiveState build of Tcl (configuration used in Jenkins tests), option -c works well on master.

Note that ActiveTcl behavior seems to be different from that of plain Tcl also for memory, see 0029996:0078253

bugmaster (administrator)
2018-11-20 11:26

Built tcl
@echo off

rem Setup environment and launch DRAWEXE
call "%~dp0env.bat" %1 %2 %3

echo Hint: use "pload ALL" command to load standard commands
DRAWEXE.exe -c env.tcl

Launch DRAWEXE with option -c caused error:

Hint: use "pload ALL" command to load standard commands
Draw[1]> can not find channel named "stdout"

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