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Summary0030116: Documentation - provide hints for use of OCCT in CMake-based projects
DescriptionOCCT install includes CMake configuration files intended for use by projects that are based on OCCT. The basic idea is that to use OCCT in a project, you need to add a few commands in its CMake file, assuming something like this:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.4)

find_package(OpenCASCADE REQUIRED)
add_executable(Your_App_Name Your_Source_File.cpp)
target_include_directories(Your_App_Name ${OpenCASCADE_INCLUDES})
target_link_libraries(Your_App_Name ${OpenCASCADE_LIBS})

Here "OpenCASCADE_INCLUDES" and "OpenCASCADE_LIBS" are assumed to be CMake variables set either by OCCT CMake configuretion scripts or find_package itself. Indeed, actual names of such variables, and ways to use them, can be different. This is what we need to have documented, among other related things.

Tentatively the following should be described:

1. How to make CMake to find OCCT package: specify the name of the package, describe where it is located, give hints on how to call find_package.

2. How to set paths to OCCT includes and libs to the project build scripts.

3. How to ensure that project build parameters are consistent with parameters used for building OCCT. This includes used third-party libs, CRT version, etc. See #28457 and dependent issues for some of the issues to be addressed.

4. How to install binaries (DLLs) of OCCT and required third-parties (FreeType, FreeImage etc., depending on what components of OCCT are used and what third-parties are used) along with the application (if necessary). See also #27560.

I suppose that this documentation can be put in Overview, e.g. after Installation section:
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    0030116: Documentation - provide hints for use of OCCT in CMake-based projects
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