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0029805Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2023-08-01 15:06
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Summary0029805: Modeling Algorithms - Blend fails when it has to cover whole face
DescriptionBlend fails on very simple cases (box shape and alike) when rounded part covers whole face. This problem exists in all OCCT versions that I can test (6.0 and later) and likely existed since the beginning, but the case itself is so trivial and typical that we need to have it solved.

This time it comes from noticing that shape produced by script sample/tcl/cad.tcl contains very narrow faces, e.g. on top of a part shaped as letter "a". These faces are result of using blends of less radius than they should be, to allow them to be built.
Steps To Reproducepload MODELING
box box 9 1 4
explode box e

# produces no result
blend res1 box 4 box_8
checkshape res1
checknbfaces res1 -face 6

# produces shape containing face with breadth 1e-9, i.e. less than Precision::Confusion()!
blend res2 box 4-1e-9 box_8
checkshape res2
checknbfaces res2 -face 6
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