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0029765CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2018-06-23 13:56
ReporterBenjaminBihler Assigned Tobugmaster  
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Product Version7.2.0 
Target Version7.4.0Fixed in Version7.4.0 
Summary0029765: Modeling Algorithms - BOPTools_AlgoTools::MakeSplitEdge creates Illegal Edge
DescriptionI use BOPTools_AlgoTools::MakeSplitEdge to split an edge at two vertices which I have computed and projected onto the edge.

If by chance the parameter of the first vertex is greater than the parameter of the second vertex, edge splitting seems to be successful. Yet, when I later use that edge for distance computations with BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape, then in GeomAdaptor_Curve::Load() a Standard_ConstructionError is thrown, because the parameter UFirst is greater than the parameter ULast.

Of course there is a simple workaround for that:

if (parameter1 < parameter2)
  BOPTools_AlgoTools::MakeSplitEdge(edge, vertex1, parameter1, vertex2,
    parameter2, result);
  BOPTools_AlgoTools::MakeSplitEdge(edge, vertex2, parameter2, vertex1,
    parameter1, result);

Still I wonder whether BOPTools_AlgoTools::MakeSplitEdge should be modified to do that parameter check automatically or -otherwise- whether the documentation of MakeSplitEdge should draw attention to the parameters order. On the other hand, if it is a standard behaviour throughout OCCT that the caller of such methods has to care for parameter orders, then nothing needs to be changed at all.

What is your opinion?
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2018-05-14 16:14

developer   ~0075965

BOPTools_AlgoTools::MakeSplitEdge is the internal tool used in Boolean Operations algorithm. It expects the ordered arguments, and across Boolean Operations the arguments for the method are given that way.
To make the method generic, I think it is better to make the check for the order of the arguments inside the MakeSplitEdge method.
We'll make the changes when we have free resources. Although, you are welcome to contribute the changes yourself.


2018-05-15 10:47

administrator   ~0075973

Branch CR29765 has been created by BenjaminBihler.

SHA-1: 828db1c254371bf975b577f005edcb86b8dda424

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: Benjamin Bihler
Date: Tue May 15 09:43:57 2018 +0200

    0029765: BOPTools_AlgoTools::MakeSplitEdge Creates Illegal Edge
    Method MakeSplitEdge checks arguments order.
    This makes the method more generic.


2018-05-15 17:05

developer   ~0075978

Dear Benjamin,
Thank you for the patch. I would like to make a remark.
In an edge, the vertex corresponding to first parameter must have orientation forward, and the vertex corresponding to second parameter must have orientation reversed. So, the method must be reorganized taking this into account, so that to make sure vertices are added to the edge with correct orientations.


2018-05-15 17:31

administrator   ~0075979

Branch CR29765 has been updated by BenjaminBihler.

SHA-1: a3409ce875cf448561f667f636849fcc313ed3e2

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: Benjamin Bihler
Date: Tue May 15 16:31:38 2018 +0200

    0029765: Modeling Algorithms - BOPTools_AlgoTools::MakeSplitEdge creates Illegal Edge
    Taking vertex orientation into account.


2018-05-15 17:32

developer   ~0075980

Dear Mikhail,
I am not sure whether I have understood you correctly. But I have tried to improve the code according to your remark. Would you check it again?


2018-05-15 17:47

developer   ~0075982

You understood me right.

The fix is under testing now. Job is CR29765-master-msv.


2018-05-15 19:49

developer   ~0075985



2018-05-23 12:03

administrator   ~0076150

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2018-06-23 13:56

administrator   ~0076946

Branch CR29765 has been deleted by kgv.

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occt: master 01226433

2018-05-15 07:43:57


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0029765: BOPTools_AlgoTools::MakeSplitEdge Creates Illegal Edge

Method MakeSplitEdge checks arguments order.
This makes the method more generic.
Taking vertex orientation into account.
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