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0029738Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Datapublic2023-08-01 15:06
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Summary0029738: Remove UV points from BRep data structure
DescriptionUV points in BRep data structure represent the bounding points of the parametric curve of the edge on the face (data which can be computed on the fly). Analysis of OCCT algorithms shows that UV points are used very rarely, thus it seem unreasonable to keep them.

So, the proposal is to remove the UV points from BRep data structure completely and update all algorithms where this points are used on direct computation of bounding points of parametric curve with D0 method.
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related to 0031136 closedbugmaster Open CASCADE Modeling Data - BinXCAF persistence loses normals from triangulation-only Faces 



2018-11-14 17:26

developer   ~0081095

Please pay attention to the message 0029689:0080973.


2021-08-29 19:21

developer   ~0103518

UV points are no more stored in exported file since 0031136 when using B-Rep format versions TopTools_FormatVersion_VERSION_3/BinTools_FormatVersion_VERSION_4 and higher.

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