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0029449Open CASCADEOCCT:Codingpublic2023-08-01 15:09
ReporternbvAssigned Tomsv 
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Summary0029449: Methods GeomInt_LineTool::DecompositionOfWLine IntTools_WLineTool::DecompositionOfWLine(...) need to be joined in one
Description1. Currently, we have several methods with similar names (GeomInt_LineTool::DecompositionOfWLine(...), IntTools_WLineTool::DecompositionOfWLine(...), static funtion DecomposeResult(...) in IntPatch_ImpPrmIntersection.cxx file and maybe many-many other). They purpose is the same (in general) and most likely already done in low-level algorithms (before calling these methods).

2. Methods GeomInt_LineTool::DecompositionOfWLine IntTools_WLineTool::DecompositionOfWLine(...) are executed from different places of OCCT. GeomInt_LineTool is executed when two surfaces are intersected. IntTools_WLineTool is executed when two faces are intersected. So, most likely her we have inconsistent behavior between Surfaces- and Faces-intersector.
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