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0029218Open CASCADEOCCT:Application Frameworkpublic2017-11-30 07:05
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Summary0029218: Application Framework - reading XML document calls LDOM parsing at least 3 times
DescriptionIt seems, that reading XML document calls LDOM parser on entire file at least 3 times (2 times for probing/detecting format and 1 for actual reading).

It looks like a redundant overhead for using XML format efficiently.
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2017-11-22 12:55

administrator   ~0072392

Branch CR29218 has been created by szy.

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Author: szy
Date: Wed Nov 22 12:54:33 2017 +0300

    0029218: Application Framework - reading XML document calls LDOM parsing at least 3 times.
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2017-11-22 15:19

manager   ~0072399

Short explanation.
Indeed the Parser is called 3 times. But 2 times it is called just for format identification and only third time for real document parsing. First two calls are very short. They read just a single element (XML_START_ELEMENT) from the document header (defined by tag "document format") and cancel parsing.
There is no sufficient lost of performance during document reading.
Nevertheless the process may be a little bit optimized in next way.
There are some duplication caused by current persistence architecture logic.
Method "CanRetrieve" calls methods methods 'Format()' which calls Parser and
'ReaderFromFormat()'. Returned values (Format and Reader) in fact are not used inside. They are used only for check that it is feasible. Later during call of the method 'CDF_Application::Retrieve()' methods are called once again.
It is proposed to eliminate these calls in 'CanRetrieve' and keep only in 'Retrieve'. It is the simplest and the cheapest way which impacts only CDF_Application 'cxx'(see CR29218). Other approaches requires more sufficient modifications without sufficient benefit. Overlook it, please and give me your remarks.


2017-11-23 14:27

developer   ~0072441

Last edited: 2017-11-23 14:35

>There is no sufficient lost of performance during document reading.
OK, agree - there seems to be no performance issue due to multiple parsing - theWithoutRoot does the trick and only 3rd parsing takes considerable time (~ 10% of entire model reading; which depends on the model, of course).

Though slow input stream (like unpacking on the fly / DRM / slow hardware) might increase overhead to some degree.


2017-11-23 14:33

developer   ~0072443

Dear bugmaster,

please close the issue since no fix is needed


2017-11-30 07:05

administrator   ~0072601

Branch CR29218 has been deleted by abv.

SHA-1: 7b23e1c5e9863386f40f4a12c985d65e996c0705

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