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0029123Open CASCADEOCCT:Testspublic2021-09-03 14:13
Reporterkgv Assigned Tobugmaster  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2010 
Product Version7.1.0 
Target Version7.7.0 
Summary0029123: Tests - test and testgrid fail in case if OCCT is installed into location with spaces
DescriptionTrying to launch test with OCCT being installed into path containing spaces results in failure.
Steps To Reproduce- Move OCCT into location with spaces, e.g. "C:/open cascade 7.2.0/"
- Start draw.bat
- Run some test, e.g. "test v3d glsl gouraud_spot1 1"
> wrong # args: should be "_run_test scriptsdir group gridname casefile echo"

- Run testgrid
CASE demo draw binpersist_1: FAILED (no final message is found)
Draw[1]> couldn't read file "C:/workssd/Develop/Projects/occt/amd_occt": no such file or directory
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Test case numberNot needed



2019-07-16 22:17

administrator   ~0085683

Problem is caused by uplevel _run_test $dir $group $gridname $casefile $echo in proc test.
Uplevel divides dir and casefile variables into many parts using spaces.

uplevel [list _run_test $dir $group $gridname $casefile $echo] - doesn't work (dont know why).

Instead of proc _run_test {scriptsdir group gridname casefile echo} it's possible to use:
_run_test {args} {
    set groupname [lindex $args 0]
    set gridname [lindex $args 1]
    set casefile [lindex $args 2]
    set echo [lindex $args 3]
    set dirname ""
    foreach e1 [lrange $args 4 end] {
        set dirname "$dirname $e1"
Also it's needed to modify casefile (e.g. use casename).
More detailed investigation is needed.

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