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0029104Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2019-09-04 12:12
ReporteremvAssigned Tomsv 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version7.2.0 
Target VersionUnscheduled 
Summary0029104: Modeling Algorithms - Reject use of starting point in Prm-Prm intersection algorithm
DescriptionNow, if starting points are given then the algorithm makes additional work in order to build Walking-line using these points. After that, the intersector without starting points is executed.

Indeed, the intersector w/o starting points must find (with some tolerance criterion) the line, which returns the intersector with start point.

See the message 0029103:0070500.
Moreover, test "boolean bsection P4" raises exception.
Steps To Reproducetest boolean bsection P4

restore [locate_data_file intcq004.brep] m
explode m f
bopcurves m_14 m_7 -2d
An exception was caught 000002C02E564890 : StdFail_NotDone
** Exception ** 000002C02E564890 : StdFail_NotDone

bopcurves m_7 m_14 -2d
# 1 curve found

bopcurves m_14 m_7 -2d -p 0.888888891081697 0.333333333355556 0.800000004742511 0 -p 0.888888883434441 0.999999999999998 1 0.399999999999999
# 1 curve found
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2018-02-19 10:04

administrator   ~0074034

Branch CR29104 has been created by nbv.

SHA-1: 3b5f4317b106d7fec23205eb1b98590b18f07abb

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: nbv
Date: Mon Feb 19 10:03:31 2018 +0300

    0029104: Reject use of starting point in Prm-Prm intersection algorithm
    Temporary fix (for testing only).


2018-02-19 13:26

developer   ~0074040

I have tested this issue on IR-2018-02-16.

Test boolean bsection P4 - OK (no exceptions).

OCCT-products - OK (as expected).

Regressions on OCCT (should be analyzed separately):

boolean bsection M3
bugs modalg_1 buc60462_2 buc60463 buc60663_1
bugs modalg_5 bug23892
bugs modalg_6 bug14531(only Windows) bug27159 bug27896 bug28492_1

Differences in images:

IMAGE boolean bcommon_complex C7: C7.png differs
IMAGE boolean bsection H6: H6.png differs (one edge seems to be self-interfered)
IMAGE boolean bcut_complex Q1: Q1.png differs
IMAGE boolean bcut_complex Q4: Q4.png differs
IMAGE boolean bopsection D5: D5.png differs
IMAGE bugs moddata_1 bug13: bug13.png differs
IMAGE bugs moddata_1 bug22761: bug22761.png differs (only Linux)
IMAGE bugs modalg_1 buc60663_1: buc60663_1.png differs
IMAGE bugs modalg_1 bug101: bug101.png differs
IMAGE bugs modalg_1 buc60663_2: buc60663_2.png differs
IMAGE bugs modalg_1 buc60463: buc60463.png differs
IMAGE bugs modalg_1 bug144: bug144.png differs
IMAGE bugs modalg_6 bug28492_1: bug28492_1.png differs
IMAGE bugs modalg_6 bug26789_2: bug26789_2.png differs (one edge seems to be self-interfered)
IMAGE bugs modalg_6 bug26288: bug26288.png differs


2018-02-19 13:30

administrator   ~0074041

Branch CR29104 has been deleted by nbv.

SHA-1: 3b5f4317b106d7fec23205eb1b98590b18f07abb

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