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0029002Open CASCADEOCCT:DRAWpublic2023-08-01 15:08
Reporterkgv Assigned Tovpozdyayev 
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Summary0029002: Draw Harness - replace obsolete AXO view with 3D Viewer
DescriptionThe obsolete Draw Harness viewer Draw_Viewer/Draw_View using system-specific drawing APIs (implemented for GDI, Xlib and Cocoa) is not maintained for a long time, difficult to use (no free camera by mouse, performance issues) and duplicates functionality of 3D viewer (V3d_Viewer/V3d_View).

Therefore, it is proposed removing AXO view from Draw Harness.
For this, the following steps should be done:
- Weed out useful functionality currently available only within AXO view (e.g. displaying PCurves) and provide replacement within 3D Viewer (ViewerTest).
- It might be useful providing a Draw_Viewer/Draw_View replacement based on V3d to mimic behavior / existing command set.
- Update test cases for using new viewer.
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