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0028986Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2021-08-29 18:52
ReporternbvAssigned Tomsv  
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Target Version7.7.0 
Summary0028986: Cannot find intersection between two interfered edges
Description3D-curve of the 1st edge is a circle.
3D-curve of the 2nd edge is a B-spline with degree 1.

"distmini" command returns 1.9999999878450581e-007.

Tolerance of the 1st edge is 3.401356312333335e-007.
Tolerance of the 2nd edge is 9.9999999999999995e-008.

I.e. sum of tolerances is greater than the distance.

Nevertheless, E-E-interferene is not found.
Steps To Reproducebinrestore edgecmpd.bin ee
explode ee

baddobjects ee_1
baddtools ee_2
bopinterf e e
# E/E: Not found
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2017-08-10 11:26


edgecmpd.bin (4,494 bytes)

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