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0028805Open CASCADEOCCT:Testspublic2023-09-29 17:52
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Summary0028805: Eliminate existing comparison of outputs in "de" testgrid
DescriptionCurrent version of "de"-test cases checks differences in some items (e.g. "tolerense", "nbshapes", number of failed shapes, etc.)

This information has several disadvantages:
1. This information is not informative. Especially items "DATA", "STATSHAPE" etc.
2. Some test cases are marked with "TODO" such as "2 differences are found". However, the situation is possible when differences on the master relates to "CHECKSHAPE" and "LABELS" but after the fix we obtain differences in "NBSHAPES" and "TOLERANCE" (the number of differences is equal to 2 as before). Indeed, it is possible regression. However, test result will have "BAD"-status.

So, current version of comparison should be replaced with comparison of relevant data as it is already made in other tesgrids.
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2017-09-19 14:42

tester   ~0070686

Last edited: 2017-09-19 14:43

Moreover, it would be nice to check not only current and reference data in de-type test cases, but check current data "as is".

For example:
We have two similar test cases: parasolid doc_2 A3 and parasolid doc_3 E3. In these test cases result of checkshape command is compared with reference data result. But not checked "as is": checkshape command detects problems on the shape.
Issue #22620 says: result of reading PARASOLID file is invalid shape. But test cases A3 and E3 work with the same shape, but not use checkshape command "as is".

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