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0028800Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2019-10-25 14:23
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Summary0028800: The compound of two faces is incorrectly detected as self-interfered
DescriptionThe compound of two faces with shared edge is incorrectly detected as self-interfered shape. The checking tool says that the section curve produced between this faces. Actually, this section curve is incorrect because it is located out of the both faces. But this curve is so small (about 3.5e-6) that the classification tool classifies it as ON for both faces.

The problem has been detected during testing of the patch for the issue 0028775 in the test case boolean volumemaker A2. Note, that the whole case works correctly on VC12 but fails on vc10. The attached compound of faces has been saved in vc10 environment. The problem with bopcheck on the attached compound is reproduced on both vc10 and vc12 versions.
Steps To Reproducerestore bug28800_faces.brep cf
bopcheck cf
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related to 0028775 closedbugmaster Code duplication removal across the BOPAlgo_PaveFiller algorithm 
related to 0029421 feedbackmsv Make face classifier algorithm stable and robust 



2017-06-01 11:10


bug28800_faces.brep (16,722 bytes)


2017-06-07 11:25

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This problem should be fixed in frame of the issue 0029421.

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