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0028505Open CASCADEOCCT:Visualizationpublic2024-03-28 17:13
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Summary0028505: Visualization - let dynamic elements of interactive object notify of bounding box changing
DescriptionNow AIS interactive object (or structure) hasn't any interface to hold properly dynamically changing parts of presentation (OpenGl elements).
It is needed to control that bounding box is always up-to-date.

Though, it is possible today to develop both "dynamic" element drawing (OpenGl_Element) and element selection (Select3D_SensitiveEntity). However existing mechanism of caching presentation-level BVH tree does not expect changes of presentation's sub-elements and therefore there is no way to have selection working properly. Selection manager should be aware of such changes and reconstruct 1st level BVH or should avoid using it for mutable presentations at all.

Expected consequence after implementing this feature: to have working selection with dynamically changing geometry defined by OpenGl_Element elements and sensitive entities.
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2024-03-14 18:10

developer   ~0115366

In the current version of OCCT (7.8), there are already some methods that can be used at an application level to monitor and update the bounding boxes of Interactive objects.
From the Interactive Objects, we have access to different presentations/structures and in each one we can have multiple groups of primitives (Graphic3d_Groups). These groups have the dynamic counter part in OpenGl_Groups which can contain many OpenGl_Elements.
We have already the option in both Graphic3d_Structure and Graphic3d_Group levels to update the bounding box publicly:
- Graphic3d_Structure::MinMaxValues
- Graphic3d_Group::MinMaxValues

The method from groups updates the bounding box when adding new primitives. For structures, the method goes through every descendent structure and in turn for every groups in the structure to update its bounding box. In turn the upgrade of these bounding boxes is currently working on the different selections of objects by the usage of sensitive entities. So when the selection process is triggered, the bounding boxes of dynamic elements should already be updated at that point.

In conclusion, currently this issue is no longer relevant.
Dear Bugmaster please close it.


2024-03-28 17:13

administrator   ~0115502


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