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0028153Open CASCADEOCCT:Configurationpublic2022-01-28 10:40
ReporteribsAssigned Toinv  
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Product Version7.2.0 
Target Version7.7.0 
Summary0028153: Configuration, CMake - the "custom" script isn't created in a build dir if it exists in an install dir isn't created if CMake configuration process has found a file with the same name in a further install dir

also CMake config process updates custom.bat (if it exists) in the install dir by adding extra lines and it doesn't check whether these line are already added. The result of this action is a redundant code in the script file
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related to 0032808 newbugmaster Configuration, CMake - cmake installs during configuration step 



2019-02-06 15:27

manager   ~0082049

I observe the opposite situation while building OCCT 7.2.0 with VS 2015 64-bit: custom.bat is not generated in the install folder...

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