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0028087Open CASCADEOCCT:Samplespublic2023-09-29 17:54
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Summary0028087: OCCT Samples Redesign
DescriptionThere are 2 main ideas behind why OCCT samples must be redesigned:

  1. They does not meet OCCT users needs
  2. It is a constant OCCT team headache (crashes, broken compilation, obsolete func-s etc.)

There are 2 main steps proposed:

  1. OCCT samples should be separated on OCCT feature programming samples and samples demonstrating how to bridge OCCT with GUI frameworks.
  2. The feature programming samples functionality should be implemented in scope of Draw

The base ideas are described in the attached doc in the related sections.
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related to 0028086 new Improve Usability of Draw 
related to 0031570 closedbugmaster Samples - add Qt samples similar to standard MFC samples 
related to 0031518 closedbugmaster Samples - update QtWidget samples to use AIS_ViewController 
related to 0031521 closedbugmaster Samples - update MFC ImportExport sample to use AIS_ViewController 
related to 0031622 closedbugmaster Samples - update MFC Animation sample with proper frame updates 
related to 0031732 closedbugmaster Documentation - move Tutorials and Samples into dedicated section 



2016-11-11 10:01


OCCT_feedback.docx (671,183 bytes)

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