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0027919Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Visualizationpublic2016-09-29 13:062021-02-09 14:01
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Target Version[OCCT] 7.6.0*Fixed in Version 
Summary0027919: Visualization - support multiple transformation persistence groups within single presentation
DescriptionIn some scenarios it is very painful creating dedicated AIS interactive presentations for logically same object to apply transformation persistence on some parts.

The most trivial example is a line with an arrow tip - when line itself is defined in world space while its tip should not be zoom-able.

There are several issues which makes supporting transformation persistence within the group of primitives difficult - like selection and frustum culling algorithms. However, in many cases this is not actually required (arrow tip is not expected to extend selection sensitivity of line / frustum culling can safely ignore this extension), or can be considered as applicable limitation (frustum culling might be disabled like in case of 2D text labels).

Therefore it is proposed to provide the functionality considering it to have known limitations.
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related to 0026840closedbugmaster Community OCCT Visulazation doesn't support un-scalable solid arrow. 
related to 0031704verifiedbugmaster Open CASCADE Visualization - add an interactive object AIS_LightSource representing a light source 
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git (administrator)
2020-06-10 12:23

Branch CR27919 has been created by mzernova.

SHA-1: 95445e30f434e223d84e7f24042092b832cd079a

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: mzernova
Date: Wed Jun 10 12:18:47 2020 +0300

    0027919: Visualization - support multiple transformation persistence groups within single presentation
    added AnchorPoint transformation in accordance with local transformation

Author: nds
Date: Mon Jun 8 10:09:58 2020 +0300

    0023854: Possibility to apply individual transformation to Graphic3d_Group instance
    (cherry picked from commit e50bf38102e562ae74c9c1fdfd13145e072b4615)
    (cherry picked from commit 90c3cbae8186a83cecf2115692e744172413b4b2)
git (administrator)
2020-06-16 00:40

Branch CR27919 has been updated forcibly by mzernova.

SHA-1: c199824a67beff14222a1d562af67878ed9cfa80
git (administrator)
2020-06-22 01:40

Branch CR27919 has been updated forcibly by mzernova.

SHA-1: ec4e33f1174914764ae85781b2d78a8679b6d4a6
kgv (developer)
2021-02-09 14:01

This feature may potentially allow improving arrow representation in AIS_LightSource (0031704).

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2017-07-20 10:58 kgv Target Version 7.2.0 => 7.4.0
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