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0027906Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2016-10-04 11:43
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Summary0027906: Intersection algorithm between trimmed cylinders having common base returns empty result
DescriptionSee Steps To Reproduce.

Indeed, the cylinders have common base. I.e. the circle is expected as intersection result. However, it is empty.

This bug is reproduced even on OCCT 6.7.0.
Steps To Reproducecylinder cy 100
trimv s1 cy 0 200
trimv s2 cy 200 500
don s1 s2
intersect result s1 s2
# Empty result

mkface f1 s1
mkface f2 s2
bopcurves f1 f2 -2d
# has no 3d curves
# has no 3d points
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2016-09-27 11:41

developer   ~0058189

The behavior of the intersection algorithm is as expected. Two trimmed cylindrical surfaces built on the same cylinder must not have intersection.

Dear bugmaster, please close this bug.

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