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0027397CommunityWebsite:Corporatepublic2016-12-09 16:38
ReporterBenjaminBihler Assigned Tobugmaster  
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PlatformWindows MinGw64 
Target Version7.1.0Fixed in Version7.1.0 
Summary0027397: Offer Precompiled Additional Libraries for MinGW
DescriptionCompilation with MinGW works here, if I do the build without FreeImage and Gl2Ps. I would like to use also FreeImage and Gl2Ps. For being able to do that, I need working libraries. explains how to build these libraries. Would it be possible to offer precompiled libraries for MinGW64 at the download center? This would be really great!
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related to 0027402 closedbugmaster Community Configuration, CMake - fix compilation with MinGw and additional libraries 
related to 0026297 closedbugmaster Open CASCADE Rebuilding 3rd-party with consistent CRT dependencies 



2016-04-18 18:57

developer   ~0053276

As an alternative it would be helpful to describe how the additional MinGw libraries have to look like to fit into the build system.

Libraries compiled with MinGw normally have names like that:


but when I populate my 3rdparty directory with libraries like that, cmake complains:


If I rename my library to Library.lib, cmake doesn't complain anymore. But is this the intended way?


2016-04-28 11:26

developer   ~0053662

Since issue 0027402 has been solved, this issue is not that urgent anymore. Since your focus is more on MSVC than on MinGW, you might want to close it.

Hint for MinGW fans: the Open CASCADE Community Edition together with oce-win-bundle is probably the easiest way to compile the additional libraries. The output of that compilation can be used to compile OCCT with additional libraries.


2016-07-26 12:37

developer   ~0056221

Pre-built libraries (tcl-tk, FreeType, FreeImage, gl2ps) for MinGW-64 have been uploaded to Download center:


2016-07-26 13:02

developer   ~0056222


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