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0027379Open CASCADEOCCT:Configurationpublic2016-12-09 16:37
Reporteremv Assigned Tobugmaster  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version7.0.0 
Target Version7.1.0Fixed in Version7.1.0 
Summary0027379: Unable to build TKXDESTEP using WOK (wgenproj command) in current master
DescriptionError 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: class opencascade::handle<class Geom_BSplineCurve> __cdecl ShapeConstruct_Curve::ConvertToBSpline(class opencascade::handle<class Geom_Curve> const &,double,double,double)const " (?ConvertToBSpline@ShapeConstruct_Curve@@QEBA?AV?$handle@VGeom_BSplineCurve@@@opencascade@@AEBV?$handle@VGeom_Curve@@@3@NNN@Z) referenced in function "public: static class opencascade::handle<class StepVisual_TessellatedGeometricSet> __cdecl STEPCAFControl_GDTProperty::GetTessellation(class TopoDS_Shape)" (?GetTessellation@STEPCAFControl_GDTProperty@@SA?AV?$handle@VStepVisual_TessellatedGeometricSet@@@opencascade@@VTopoDS_Shape@@@Z) D:\PROJECTS\dev\occt\adm\msvc\vc12\STEPCAFControl_GDTProperty.obj TKXDESTEP

The new dependency of the toolkit TKXDESTEP from the TKShHealing has been introduced in the bug fix #0027235. This dependency had to be reflected in TKXDESTEP/EXTERNLIB file.

The problem is not reproduce when project files are generated by cmake.
Steps To ReproduceBuild OCCT with projects generated by genproj.bat
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2016-04-12 13:26

administrator   ~0052601

Branch CR27379 has been created by emv.

SHA-1: d6115b60c1de99ca1f66fde503f89c63bbb38931

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: emv
Date: Tue Apr 12 13:26:10 2016 +0300

    0027379: Unable to build TKXDESTEP using WOK (wgenproj command) in current master
    The dependency on TKShHealing has been added.


2016-04-12 13:30

developer   ~0052602

Dear bugmaster,

Git branch CR27379 contains the patch. Please review.

There is no need in testing, check compilation only.


2016-04-13 16:18

administrator   ~0052673

Compilation has been checked with cmake nd genproj on Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms. Result is OK
0 warnings was detected on compilation of OCCT


2016-04-17 14:31

administrator   ~0053191

Branch CR27379 has been deleted by kgv.

SHA-1: d6115b60c1de99ca1f66fde503f89c63bbb38931

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occt: master 94074ec6

2016-04-12 10:26:10


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0027379: Unable to build TKXDESTEP using WOK (wgenproj command) in current master

The dependency on TKShHealing has been added.
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