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0027023Open CASCADEOCCT:Documentationpublic2016-04-20 15:50
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Summary0027023: Documentation -- cross-references are hardly noticeable in PDF
DescriptionIn PDF documents generated by Doxygen for OCCT User Guides, cross-references to the same document are present and can be used to travel by the document when you read it on the screen. However, there is no visual indication in the document suggesting that some piece of text is a link. See e.g. attached document, p. 10, the line immediately before 2.7 (Produce a new solution:...) -- it contains two links.

The optimal way to make cross-references visible would be to have page number for a reference shown aside of it. The page number can also be an interactive link.
Steps To ReproduceGenerate guide containing cross-references as PDF, look at reference
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2015-12-21 13:09

administrator   ~0049352

Branch CR27023 has been created by abv.

SHA-1: 68dcd3967ec69057a4414b61cd67fa2666dc2678

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: abv
Date: Mon Dec 21 13:05:29 2015 +0300

    0027023: Documentation -- cross-references are hardly noticeable in PDF
    Doxygen option PDF_HYPERLINKS is set to NO to enforce generation of cross-references as explicit page numbers in PDF manuals


2015-12-21 13:12

manager   ~0049353

Fix pushed to CR27023, please review


2015-12-21 13:13


occt_contribution_workflow.pdf (289,443 bytes)


2015-12-25 15:18

developer   ~0049598

I've checked that fix and it works, however, there is a mode interesting idea - changing the link presentation with hypersetup command in occt_pdf_template.
I've experiemented a bit and could get blue links in the document and black ones in the TOC.


2015-12-25 15:21


occt_contribution_workflow_ysn.pdf (307,607 bytes)


2015-12-25 15:30

administrator   ~0049601

Branch CR27023 has been updated by ysn.

SHA-1: 71c2437f49f53c132fa3f05f6885f03d55bb7ea5

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: ysn
Date: Fri Dec 25 15:30:00 2015 +0300

    Fix of the template to make internal links visible in the text.
    Also picked up some improved images (from branch 24514_1).


2015-12-25 15:31

developer   ~0049602

Please review. See the attached file with _ysn prefix.


2015-12-25 17:37

manager   ~0049607

I agree that having blue links in the text is very good point; however having page numbers is also useful, for the people who reads paper version. I suggest we keep both changes.


2016-04-17 13:46

administrator   ~0052958

Branch CR27023 has been deleted by kgv.

SHA-1: 71c2437f49f53c132fa3f05f6885f03d55bb7ea5

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occt: master d1c596cf

2015-12-21 10:05:29


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0027023: Documentation -- cross-references are hardly noticeable in PDF

Doxygen option PDF_HYPERLINKS is set to NO to enforce generation of cross-references as explicit page numbers in PDF manuals
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