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0026963CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2015-12-08 12:38
Reporterjensgw Assigned Tomsv 
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PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2013 
Product Version6.9.1 
Summary0026963: Wrong result in boolean operations - also it takes very long
DescriptionUseing BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipeShell with BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse leads to wrong results, and takes ages to compute.

Sample programm creates N pipes. A Pipe is defined with a Circle and a Geom_BSplineCurve with two Points and Tangents:
StartPoint is 0,0,0 EndPoint 100,0,100
StartTangent is 0,0,1 EndTangent 1,0,0.
The Pipes are rotated around the Z-Axis. These Pipes are then fused.
Actually for every new Pipe a new set of points and tangents is created.

The wrong breps are included in the zip.

Sample Code was created with the OCCTe-learnign material, which you should have :-) Run testbean command to execute.
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2015-12-07 23:22

reporter (811,935 bytes)


2015-12-08 12:34


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2015-12-08 12:38

developer   ~0048833

For clarity, I have created the pipes to be fused and attached the picture.
Indeed, fusing of already the first two pipes produces incorrect result.


2015-12-08 12:38


pipes.brep (96,445 bytes)

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