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0026626CommunityOCCT:Visualizationpublic2016-06-27 10:18
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PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2013 
Product Version6.9.0 
Summary0026626: occ 6.9.0 performance loss
DescriptionI have attached a sample application to reproduce the behaviour of my full application.
The sample loads a predefined number of AIS objects in a context ( see the TESTCNT define in OccPerfromancetestDoc.cpp - currently 20,000).

Gradually the display of a new object slows down as the objects displayed increase.

I haven't checked this sample app with occ6.6, but my full app is 3 times slower in 6.9.0 than 6.6.0.

Steps To ReproduceRun the application.
The entities are displayed on the screen .
You can reset the display using the left red arrow in the toolbar.
You can display the next entity pressing the right red arrow.
You can automate the display pressing the right green arrow.
You can stop the display unchecking the right green arrow.

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related to 0026139 closedabv AIS_InteractiveContext::Display performance regression 



2015-09-01 17:53

reporter (156,466 bytes)


2016-06-25 16:11

developer   ~0055478

The description is too vague and there is no reproducible test case applicable to both specified versions of OCCT.

On current master attached test application shows half time of 6.9.0.
So I suggest closing the issue.

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