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0026598Open CASCADEOCCT:Testspublic2022-10-24 10:43
ReporternbvAssigned Toabv 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Target Version7.8.0 
Summary0026598: Some test cases fail if macros OCCT_DEBUG is enabled
DescriptionExtended debug info (which is switched on by OCCT_DEBUG macros) contains messages, considered our test system as regression.

Example of this message is "Error 2d = <some value>". Often it does not indicate that the algorithm works wrong. Simply, it is an information about precision, which is reached by algorithm. Therefore, this message must have failed to be the reason of regression.

Possible solution is these messages should be reformulated. E.g. use "Tolerance 2d" in spite of "Error 2d" etc.
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with enabled OCCT_DEBUG option.
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  • failed test cases with OCCT_DEBUG.txt (9,674 bytes)
  • IR-2017-02-02_Windows-64-VC10-deb_OCCT_DEBUG_Errors.txt (25,993 bytes)
  • IR-2017-02-02_Windows-64-VC10-deb_OCCT_DEBUG_Errors_With_Comments.txt (22,362 bytes)


related to 0028608 newabv Open CASCADE Exceptions appear in test cases if macros OCCT_DEBUG is enabled 
related to 0026592 closedbugmaster Open CASCADE Macros OCCT_DEBUG is not supported while configuration 7.0.0 dev version with CMake 



2015-09-19 08:58

manager   ~0045927

Sergey, please investigate this issue: build with OCCT_DEBUG macro enabled (set "CSF_DEFINED=OCCT_DEBUG" in custom.bat), run tests (Release mode should be OK) and classify the debug messages that cause test failures. Then we shall discuss how to deal with each case.


2015-09-24 17:29


failed test cases with OCCT_DEBUG.txt (9,674 bytes)


2015-09-24 17:30

developer   ~0046100

Attached file contains list of test cases grouped by error output.


2015-09-30 11:53

developer   ~0046314


Small remark about fixing.

As I said in bug description, some messages should be reformulated. However, I ask you to be careful while finding new message.

E.g. I offered use "Tolerance 2d" in spite of "Error 2d". However, these words are not synonyms because "Tolerance" is admissible error, while "Error" is real error, which we have attained (it must be less than the tolerance if algorithm had worked properly).

Synonym for "Error 2d" (in this context) can be (for example) "Delta 2d" (or something close).


2017-02-08 12:09


IR-2017-02-02_Windows-64-VC10-deb_OCCT_DEBUG_Errors.txt (25,993 bytes)


2017-02-09 16:44


IR-2017-02-02_Windows-64-VC10-deb_OCCT_DEBUG_Errors_With_Comments.txt (22,362 bytes)


2017-02-22 14:50

administrator   ~0063966

Branch CR26598 has been created by ski.

SHA-1: 244f29bbaef5f89d082beb9a94a9fe578fc07a84

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: ski
Date: Wed Feb 22 14:49:52 2017 +0300

    0026598: Some test cases fail if macros OCCT_DEBUG is enabled
    It is possible now to use postfix "_DEBUG" in parse.rules files for detecting specific extended output in test cases for Debug configuration (when OCCT_DEBUG definition is used)


2017-03-01 19:33

administrator   ~0064064

Branch CR26598 has been updated forcibly by ski.

SHA-1: 1c3351511493c505c7467f4d7ca0d58d340a0071


2017-03-03 16:07

administrator   ~0064105

Branch CR26598 has been updated forcibly by ski.

SHA-1: 9bdaea439616c6f97a15eb5d057a603c5a677172


2017-03-06 14:54

administrator   ~0064149

Branch CR26598 has been updated forcibly by ski.

SHA-1: d128e25ce4d9aecf72209f3c620f812ae1ce6f40


2017-03-13 16:26

administrator   ~0064279

Branch CR26598 has been updated forcibly by ski.

SHA-1: 211a337ead4d2a84b76cf4227d6a0866ca274351


2017-03-14 17:33

administrator   ~0064323

Branch CR26598 has been updated forcibly by ski.

SHA-1: 6974c2e6414aeb7fc80f32c1e28800c2c768c1eb


2017-03-20 18:04

administrator   ~0064543

Branch CR26598 has been updated forcibly by ski.

SHA-1: 81fc70e33ba6dfdc99152029c91f9ddc3752077b


2017-03-30 11:41

developer   ~0064796

Branch CR26598 contains next changes:
- Tcl procedure 'checkdebugmode' was created, it returns 1 if current configuration is Debug (with or without OCCT_DEBUG definition)
- To the most of extended debug outputs prefix 'DEBUG:' was added
- cpulimits were updated to successfully complete test cases in debug mode

For exceptions in test cases separate issue 0028608 was created.


2017-03-30 11:48

developer   ~0064798

Dear abv,

Test case bugs / heal / bug24 fails with next error
'Error: ShapeProcess_Performer::Perform: sequence not defined for Seq'
It is caused by method OCC24 (see src/QAbugs/QAbugs_11.cxx line 1297)
It could not find CSF_OCC24UserDefaults or CSF_OCC24Defaults environment variables needed by commands used in this test case.
These variables should contain path to resource file with sequence of operation to be performed.
This error appears only with OCCT_DEBUG definition.

Could you please look at this problem.

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