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0026589Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Testspublic2015-08-21 19:132016-04-20 15:50
Assigned Toabv 
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Target Version[OCCT] 7.0.0Fixed in Version[OCCT] 7.0.0 
Summary0026589: Testgrid command - Add option to execute only tests failed on previous run
DescriptionDuring debugging of patches on OCCT it is often necessary to re-run tests on cases that were detected as regressions on previous run, to see if these regressions have been eliminated in the current state of the code.

To facilitate this task, it is proposed to add an option to testgrid command allowing to run only a set of tests that have been detected as regressions on some previous run. This can be organized like this:

> testgrid -regress <path_to_results>

Here <path_to_results> is path to directory containing results of previous run.

The procedure should parse <path_to_results>/tests.log and extract list of cases yielding FAILED or IMPROVEMENT status.

If testgrid command is executed with no arguments indicating explicitly grid(s) and cases to be run, then only regressive cases should be executed; otherwise they should be added to the indicated gropus / grids / cases. If there are no tests to be executed according to specified options, testgrid should exit with appropriate error message (as it does now).
Steps To Reproduce• Get test results with some fail and/or improvement

• run "testgrid -regress path_to_results" command
-> only fail and/or improvement should start

• run "testgrid bugs modalg_1 -regress path_to_results" command
-> all test cases from "bugs/modalg_1" and all fail/improvement test cases should start
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abv (manager)
2015-08-22 07:13

One more (minor and unrelated) correction to be done: when extracting name of current Git workbench to generate default name of results directory, dash should be allowed as part of the branch name. Otherwise branches like "CR0-something" produce results starting from just "CR0".
git (administrator)
2015-12-16 17:05

Branch CR26589 has been created by ski.

SHA-1: 4f47e97803e0a9d3db54ca783b4a5c6d169e2b43

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: ski
Date: Wed Dec 16 16:57:20 2015 +0300

    0026589: Testgrid command - Add option to execute only tests failed on previous run
    New option for command testgrid was added.
    Updated documentation.
ski (developer)
2015-12-16 17:36

New option for command testgrid was added.
Documentation and help info for commands testgrid were updated.

Also, minor remark about naming of directory with result of testing was applied.

Please, review.
git (administrator)
2015-12-29 07:03

Branch CR26589 has been updated forcibly by abv.

SHA-1: 79d24e9c3e991bf36c8cb29e3c2c30478728d5dc
abv (manager)
2015-12-29 07:04

No remarks, please integrate. Branch CR26589 has been rebased on current master
git (administrator)
2016-04-17 13:46

Branch CR26589 has been deleted by kgv.

SHA-1: 79d24e9c3e991bf36c8cb29e3c2c30478728d5dc

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occt: master b502ddc1
Timestamp: 2015-12-16 13:57:20
Author: abv
Committer: abv
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0026589: Testgrid command - Add option to execute only tests failed on previous run

New option for command testgrid was added.
Updated documentation.
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mod - src/DrawResources/TestCommands.tcl Diff ] File ]

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2016-01-15 16:57 abv Resolution open => fixed
2016-04-17 13:46 git Note Added: 0052945
2016-04-20 15:43 aiv Fixed in Version => 7.0.0
2016-04-20 15:50 aiv Status verified => closed

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