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0026436CommunityOCCT:Foundation Classespublic2015-07-15 09:51
Reportershlkl99 Assigned Toabv 
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PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2010 
Product Version6.7.1 
Summary0026436: wrong answer happened in math_FunctionSetRoot and math_NewtonFunctionSetRoot
Descriptionwhen I used math_FunctionSetRoot and math_NewtonFunctionSetRoot with a starting point and search a nearest point in surface ,I got a wrong answer.
Steps To Reproduce1. read single.iges which is attached in attachment( Unit is INCH)
2. get the TopoDS_Face (only one)
3. use this code:
      gp_Pnt RPnt(0.76939999999999997,0.43602000000000002,0.096347500000000003);
      Extrema_FuncExtPS myF;
    math_Vector Tol(1,2);
    Tol(1) = 1.0e-7;
    Tol(2) = 1.0e-7;
       use this UV as starting point:
       myU=0.93874102160579254 myV=0.10000000000000001

4. use math_FunctionSetRoot and get the result:

   result is :
   coord = {x=0.76940000134300002 y=0.43333300000000002 z=0.094666646950000002 }
   display in view you will see the tolorence is very large

   because the RPnt is on surface , so the right answer is the same point as PRnt

 when I use math_NewtonFunctionSetRoot, I can not get the answer because it is
Additional information
and documentation updates
I do think the high version of OCC does not make any change in this two function compared with OCC 6.7.1
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single.iges (100,286 bytes)

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