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0026388Open CASCADEOCCT:Configurationpublic2021-10-18 14:27
ReporteribsAssigned Toabv 
PrioritynormalSeverityintegration request 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.9.0 
Target Version7.0.0Fixed in Version7.0.0 
Summary0026388: Setting debugging environment of the Visual Studio solution of OCCT generated by CMake
DescriptionThe Visual Studio solution of OCCT generated by CMake does not have the possibility to start DRAWEXE under the debugger.

DRAWEXE can not find:
 1. the standard resources because CASROOT variable is not define;
 2. required 3rdparty libraries because PATH variable does not contain the required paths
Steps To Reproducebuild OCCT using CMake
start DRAWEXE debugging
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parent of 0031822 closedbugmaster Configuration, CMake - setting of Debugging properties via target properties instead of template file 
child of 0025114 closedabv CMake-based build tools for OCCT 7.0 


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occt: master 94829f84

2015-07-02 13:55:21


Committer: abv Details Diff
0026388: Setting debugging environment of the Visual Studio solution of OCCT generated by CMake

0. debugging environment added to DRAWEXE vcxproj
1. OCCT header files copied to inc directory of an installation folder. (the grouping of header files removed)
1. collect reference files of all OCCT header files in <binary dir>/inc during cmake configuration process
2. tcl installation procedure installs all dlls found in tcl bin folder (for win. this approach takes into account installing of zlib library that may be located in tcl bin folder)
4. each a OCCT project include just 3rdparty paths and <cmake binary dir>/inc folder
Affected Issues
mod - adm/cmake/3rdparty_macro.cmake Diff File
mod - adm/cmake/BuildToolkit.cmake Diff File
mod - adm/cmake/freetype.cmake Diff File
mod - adm/cmake/occt_macros.cmake Diff File
mod - adm/cmake/tbb.cmake Diff File
mod - adm/cmake/tcl.cmake Diff File
mod - adm/cmake/vtk.cmake Diff File
add - adm/templates/ Diff File
add - adm/templates/ Diff File
mod - CMakeLists.txt Diff File

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