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0026238Community[OCCT] OCCT:Visualizationpublic2015-05-19 16:192016-03-17 11:04
ReporterVico Liang 
Assigned Tobugmaster 
StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2013OS Version64 bit
Product Version[OCCT] 6.9.0 
Target Version[OCCT] UnscheduledFixed in Version 
Summary0026238: Visualization - flicking when draw dynamic AIS object on Radeon
DescriptionIn previous version OCCT6.8.0, it's very smooth to implement dynamic drawing (rubberband) feature. But in version OCCT6.9.0, the screen will flick and most of time, the object will disappear during dynamic drawing.

This issue is reproduced in OCCT mfc samples: Viewer 3D, Display Animation, and Modeling. In sample Viewer 3D, when trying to draw a "spot" light, it require to draw a cone dynamicly. The issue will be reproduced during the drawing of the cone.
Steps To Reproduce
pcone c 3 10 2
vcaps -ffp 1
vinit View1
vsetdispmode 0
vdisplay c
vsetcolor c GREEN
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Test case number
Attached Filespng file icon CreateSpotLight_0.png (41,521 bytes) 2015-05-21 11:17
png file icon CreateSpotLight_1.png (51,102 bytes) 2015-05-21 11:18
png file icon CreateSpotLight_2.png (46,261 bytes) 2015-05-21 11:18

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-  Notes
Vico Liang (developer)
2015-05-21 05:04

The problem might have relation with V3d_Viewer::Display method. The Display method should update the view if "updateViewer = Standard_True". Anyway, this is a serious issue, even if V3d_Viewer::Update() is called explicitly, the screen is still flcking.
abv (manager)
2015-05-21 09:05

Vico, please describe more precisely how to reproduce the problem. I could not see any essential difference in behavior of MFC sample Viewer 3D between 6.8.0 and 6.9.0
Vico Liang (developer)
2015-05-21 11:17


I have captured three picture to demo my issue. In the picture, I use the smaple Viewer 3D Spot Light command. You can see the detail description in the picture.

I'd like to mention that my video card is AMD Radeon HD 8650G.

abv (manager)
2015-05-21 11:47

No, I do not observe this effect. I am running OCCT 6.9.0 vc10 x64 (downloaded from our web site), on Windows 7 64-bit, NVidia GeForce GT 640. Besides, I have Aero style enabled.
Vico Liang (developer)
2015-05-21 12:03


I'm using the same package(downloaded from the web site), and the same OS Windows 7 64-bit. I have tried to enable and disable Aero styles, neither works for me.

I have installed OCCT6.8.0 and OCCT6.9.0, OCCT6.8.0 works, this issue just occurs in OCCT6.9.0.

In our own application, this issue is steadily reproduced as MFC samples.

This might have relation with the video card. Is there regression on other video card like AMD Radeon Series?

This issue is blocking our upgrade to OCCT6.9.0, i do hope it can be reproduced as soon as possible.

Vico Liang (developer)
2015-05-21 12:54

Andrey, I have tried it in my another NVidia Card PC, it works. So i think this issue has relation with video hardware.
kgv (developer)
2015-05-21 18:34
edited on: 2015-05-21 18:35

Dear Vico,

> Andrey, I have tried it in my another NVidia Card PC, it works.
> So i think this issue has relation with video hardware.
the problem is not reproducible on Intel as well.
This is very weird bug in Radeon drivers, which seems to be triggered by combination of legacy FFP (when drawn lines, but not triangles) and GLSL rendering paths.

The simplest way to workaround the bug at application level is to disable FFP rendering in OCCT (which is turned on by default in this release) at place where OpenGl_GraphicDriver is created:
  Handle(OpenGl_GraphicDriver) aDriver = new OpenGl_GraphicDriver();
  aDriver->ChangeOptions().ffpEnable = Standard_False;

Could you please also provide your drivers version and check if the problem can be reproduced on up-to-date drivers (if them are not yet)?

Vico Liang (developer)
2015-05-22 07:11

Dear KGV,

You're a genius! The workaround works well. Will the options affect the performance or prevent me using new features?

kgv (developer)
2015-05-22 08:55

> Will the options affect the performance or prevent me using new features?
this option will affect several rarely used visualization features.
It is planned to be turned on by default in next release.
Vico Liang (developer)
2015-05-27 11:31

Dear KGV,

I understand it. Thank you so much for helping me solve my issue.

kgv (developer)
2015-07-14 09:40

The bug has been reported to AMD team and it seems that it has been fixed within latest driver update - bug is no more reproducible on Catalyst 15.7:
OpenGL info:
  GLvendor    = 'ATI Technologies Inc.'
  GLdevice    = 'AMD Radeon HD 6450'
  GLversion   = '4.5.13397 Compatibility Profile Context 15.200.1046.0'
  GLSLversion = '4.40'

Dear bugmaster,
please verify and close the bug.

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