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0026052Open CASCADEOCCT:Shape Healingpublic2017-08-08 17:56
ReporterszvAssigned Togka  
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version6.8.0 
Target VersionUnscheduled 
Summary0026052: Missing pcurves are computed incorrectly on two connected faces laying on the same surface
DescriptionTwo semi-cylindrical faces within one shell, sharing linear edges and laying on the same cylindrical surface, when have no pcurves, can not be fixed by Shape Healing. One of the faces always becomes invalid because one of its side pcurves is shifted by 2PI, breaking the closure in 2d.
Steps To Reproducepload MODELING
cylinder c 10
circle c1 0 0 0 10
circle c2 0 0 0 10
circle c3 0 0 10 10
circle c4 0 0 10 10
line l1 10 0 0 0 0 1
line l2 -10 0 0 0 0 1
trim c1 c1 0 pi
trim c2 c2 pi 2*pi
trim c3 c3 0 pi
trim c4 c4 pi 2*pi
trim l1 l1 0 10
trim l2 l2 0 10
vertex v1 10 0 0
vertex v2 -10 0 0
vertex v3 10 0 10
vertex v4 -10 0 10
mkedge ec1 c1 v1 v2
mkedge ec2 c2 v2 v1
mkedge ec3 c3 v3 v4
mkedge ec4 c4 v4 v3
mkedge el1 l1 v1 v3
mkedge el2 l2 v2 v4
shape w1 W
#orientation ec3 R
#orientation el1 R
add ec1 w1
add el2 w1
add ec3 w1
add el1 w1
shape w2 W
#orientation el1 F
#orientation el2 R
#orientation ec4 R
add ec2 w2
add el1 w2
add ec4 w2
add el2 w2
mkface f1 c w1
mkface f2 c w2
shape s Sh
add f1 s
add f2 s
fixshape r s
checkshape r
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Test case numberbugs heal bug26052



2017-08-08 17:56

tester   ~0069221

Problem described in issue is reproduced on current state of OCCT.

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