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0025884Open CASCADEOCCT:Visualizationpublic2016-10-25 20:30
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Summary0025884: Visualization - Override environment texture by object-level texture
DescriptionCurrently, environment mapping is enabled/disabled globally using V3d_View::SetSurfaceDetail() method. However, sometimes it is necessary to override for some object the scene-level environment texture with a texture defined at this object level, and apply it using manually supplied texture coordinates (rather then auto-generated ones).

This could be done e.g. in V3d_TEX_ALL mode which unfortunately suppresses the environment texture now. Instead, environment texture could be used for scene objects having no individual texture, the object-level texture being used if specified.

A more advanced solution would be to combine environment and object textures using the value of EnvReflexion property of Graphic3d_MaterialAspect, however this functionality is less critical.
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duplicate of 0026434 closedbugmaster Visualization - Textured objects should have priority over the environment mapping 
related to 0025783 closedbugmaster Visualization - allow Z-layer to draw 2D objects and to make it alternative to Overlay and Underlay 



2016-10-13 12:48

developer   ~0058654

Dear bugmaster,

please close the issue as duplicate of 0026434.

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