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0025404Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2017-08-25 16:13
ReporternbvAssigned Tonbv 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version7.3.0Fixed in Version6.8.0 
Summary0025404: Even for analytical surfaces (cylinder-cylinder) intersection result is not commutative
DescriptionResult of intersection algorithm depends on the order of arguments.
Steps To Reproducerestore Input_0.brep b1
restore Input_1.brep b2
explode b1 f; copy b1_2 f1
explode b2 f; copy b2_2 f2
don f1 f2

bopcurves f1 f2 -2d
bopcurves f2 f1 -2d

# Result is different curves. They can be unified.
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Test case numberbugs modalg_5 bug25292_11, bug25292_12

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  • Input_0.brep (39,514 bytes)
  • Input_1.brep (39,406 bytes)


related to 0024418 closedbugmaster Open CASCADE Modeling Algorithms - Wrong section curves when intersecting analytical surfaces 



2014-10-21 11:17


Input_0.brep (39,514 bytes)


2014-10-21 11:17


Input_1.brep (39,406 bytes)


2014-10-21 11:34

administrator   ~0033364

Branch CR25404 has been created by nbv.

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Author: nbv
Date: Mon Oct 20 13:57:54 2014 +0400

    0025404: Even for analytical surfaces (cylinder-cylinder) intersection result is not commutative
    Unification of reverse


2014-10-22 13:51

administrator   ~0033548

Branch CR25404 has been updated forcibly by nbv.

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2014-10-28 09:32

administrator   ~0033752

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2014-11-06 17:29

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2014-12-09 10:53

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2016-10-26 10:39

developer   ~0059144


I do not want to implement new algorithm for case with two cylinders only. This problem exist in two cones etc.

However, the fix requires implementation of the same intersection algorithm as for two cylinders (see changes in the fix #24915). I plan to do it in frame of the issue 0024418.


2017-05-23 13:15

developer   ~0066462

In frame of the fix #28222, the algorithm of choice of the changed parameter along the intersection curve has become significantly determined. So, since this fix integration, the result of Cylinder-Cylinder intersection algorithm can be considered as commutative. However, IntPatch_WLineTool::JoinWLines(...) method is applied to this result. After that, final intersection curve will depend on order of the input arguments, as before.

As result, the root of described problems should be found in IntPatch_WLineTool::JoinWLines(...) method. It is necessary to make it be commutative. After that, the problem will be solved for two intersected cylinders.

Solution of the problem for other pairs of surfaces is planed to be offered in frame of the fix 0024418.

Branches CR25404* are already not actual and can be deleted.


2017-08-02 17:33

tester   ~0069062

Problem described in issue is not reproduced on current state of OCCT. Fixed in OCCT6.8.0.


2017-08-25 16:13

administrator   ~0069891

Branch CR25404 has been deleted by kgv.

SHA-1: 4bdb5e50e2eebfeddba0f4d1c295cf4431467a3f

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