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0025350CommunityOCCT:Visualizationpublic2016-07-11 11:28
Reporterjelle Assigned Tobugmaster  
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Product Version6.7.1 
Target Version7.0.0Fixed in Version7.0.0 
Summary0025350: Visualization - provide a dpi-scaling ratio for V3d_View

Currently, Visualization layer in OCCT is currently dpi-unaware.
This is a concern for for Retina displays on OS X, Windows (see also APIs introduced in Windows 8.1) and Android as well.

Right now, an OCCT visualization on a mac book pro ( or the other platforms mentioned above ) do not provide hi-resolution OpenGL windows on hardware that supports these features.

providing a global dpi-scaling in V3d_View would be a very welcome addition.
this way, the application can react on events ( such as you mention moving from a hi-dpi to a conventional monitor ) and it would serve as a logical API call to manage hi-dpi resolution on any platform...
Additional information
and documentation updates
on Cocoa_Window's NSVIew, the setWantsBestResolutionOpenGLSurface method should be called for hi-resolution rendering, if supported by the hardware. however, as the discussion on the forum outlines, providing hi-dpi support is more involved.
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parent of 0026790 closedbugmaster Open CASCADE Visualization, TKOpenGl - apply view resolution to the line width in OpenGl_Context::SetLineWidth() 
parent of 0026791 assignedvpozdyayev Open CASCADE Visualization, TKOpenGl - apply view resolution to built-in markers 
related to 0026298 closedbugmaster Open CASCADE Visualization, OpenGl_Text - make font resolution configurable 
child of 0025146 closedbugmaster Open CASCADE Porting to Android 
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2016-07-09 17:29

developer   ~0055773

Dear bugmaster,

please close this issue.

The patch for 0026298 introduced per-view resolution factor (as Graphic3d_RenderingParams::Resolution parameter) which can be used to display correctly fixed-size elements on HiDPI screens.

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