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0024900Open CASCADEOCCT:DRAWpublic2022-10-24 10:40
Reporterkgv Assigned Tovpozdyayev  
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Target Version7.8.0 
Summary0024900: Draw Harness - implement GUI Import/Export sample based on tcl/tk
DescriptionDraw Harness provides access to major functionality of OCCT framework and intensively used by OCCT developers in prototyping and testing. However it usage is limited due to command-line based interface.

It is suggested to implement GUI application based on Draw Harness.
The following changes should be done:
- Rewrite low-level message processing routines in Draw Harness (keys pressing, buttons pressing, mouse movements). Unify implementation across platforms.
- Unique MDI window for 3D views and GUI controls.
- Menu and toolbar with icons for common actions, similar to Import/Export samples based on Qt and MFC.
- Context menu for common actions in 3D viewer.
- Interface for probing and importation of CAD files in different formats, automatically extended by loaded Draw Harness plugins.
- Simple interface for file importation and displaying through drawexe (or its extended replacement) with automatic loading of required plugins and interface. Associate CAD files in setup package with drawexe.
- Drag & Drop support for importation of CAD files.
- Drag & Drop support to export dragged selected shapes into file.

This is meta-task to be done within smaller steps.
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related to 0030507 closedbugmaster Visualization - introduce AIS_ViewController 
related to 0028086 newbugmaster Improve Usability of Draw 


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