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0024793CommunityOCCT:Documentationpublic2014-05-05 13:39
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Summary0024793: Documentation of methods using BRepFill_TypeOfContact has to be updated according to changes introduced in OCCT 6.7.0
DescriptionThe reference (code) documentation has not been updated according to the changes introduced by #24305: "Implementation of swept shell with varying width of section bounded by auxiliary spine".

In the following methods the type of parameter KeepContact was changed from Standard_Boolean to BRepFill_TypeOfContact but the documentation of the parameter was not changed:

BRepFill_PipeShell::Set(const TopoDS_Wire& AuxiliarySpine,
                  const Standard_Boolean CurvilinearEquivalence,
                  const BRepFill_TypeOfContact KeepContact)

BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipeShell::SetMode(const TopoDS_Wire& AuxiliarySpine,
                                           const Standard_Boolean CurvilinearEquivalence,
                                           const BRepFill_TypeOfContact KeepContact)

A proposal for documentation using the explanations in the OCCT 6.7.0 Release Notes:

In case of BRepFill_NoContact:
The Normal is defined by the vector PQ.

In case of BRepFill_Contact:
The Normal is defined to achieve that the sweeped section is in contact to the auxiliarySpine.
The width of section is constant all along the path.
In other words, the auxiliary spine lies on the swept surface, but not necessarily is a boundary of this surface. However, the auxiliary spine has to be close enough to the main spine to provide intersection with any section all along the path.

In case of BRepFill_ContactOnBorder:
The auxiliary spine becomes a boundary of the swept surface and the width of section varies along the path.

It would also be possible to put this documentation only in a single place (BRepFill_TypeOfContact.hxx).
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2014-04-11 17:36

developer   ~0028802

Dear Julia, as far as I understand, this bug is about documenting in the code the changes introduced by bug 24305 and it does not concern User's Guides.


2014-04-14 12:27

developer   ~0028819

Yes, it is about the code documentation, not User's Guide.


2014-04-17 13:46

developer   ~0028928

Dear Yury, please review the branch CR24793.


2014-04-17 17:20

developer   ~0028944

Fine for me, but let the maintainer of the component decide.


2014-04-17 17:33

developer   ~0028946



2014-04-23 12:29

tester   ~0029034

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