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0024625CommunityOCCT:WOKpublic2014-05-05 13:39
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Target Version6.7.1Fixed in Version6.7.1 
Summary0024625: Upgrade Bison to version 2.2 or above
DescriptionAs pointed out by Denis Barbier in oce-dev discussion, version of Bison we use currently for building OCCT (generation of drv files by WOK, currently made by Bison 1.25) produce files which hold GPL copyright without additional exception allowing them to be used in non-GPL software. To avoid this inconsistency, Bison version 2.2 or above must be used, see
Steps To ReproduceSee discussion on!topic/oce-dev/2L8zwJL6FNg
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2014-02-14 10:04

manager   ~0027897

I have successfully upgraded WOK on Windows to use Bison 2.7 taken from (just replace content of 3rdparty\win32\codegen\ folder by content of the downloaded archive).

Please update WOK distributions.

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occt: master ced8e751

2014-04-10 11:12:23


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0024625: Upgrade Bison to version 2.2 or above

Eliminate MSVC warnings in code generated by Bison 2.41 on Linux
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