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0024431Open CASCADEOCCT:Documentationpublic2016-02-13 16:19
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Summary0024431: Using svg-images in the documentation
DescriptionIt is necessary to add opportunity to include svg-images to the documentation. Note, that documentation could be generated in PDF and HTML.
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related to 0024649 closedapn Update user's guide for Boolean operations 



2013-12-03 13:23

developer   ~0027047

Last edited: 2013-12-03 13:23

In order to add svg files to the documentation it is necessary to install inkscape 0.48.4 or higher. Environment variable PATH should be updated.
Automatically generated bu doxygen files (make.bat, doxygen.sty) are postprocessed by occdoc.tcl.
SVG-files should be located in the directory with other images.

Use markdown syntax to include svg-image to the HTML:
![Caption text]( img.svg "Image title" )

Use next syntax to include svg-image to the PDF:
 \caption{The test svg-image}
Note, that extention of image is hidden.


2013-12-05 13:00

developer   ~0027099

Another way to include images has been implemented:
@OCCImage image_name.png
@OCCImage image_name2.svg Caption text

Note: this way allows to include SVG and other formats equally. Format of documentation (PDF or HTML) also does not matter.


2013-12-05 16:20

developer   ~0027111

Chapter dev_guides/Documentation System has been updated


2013-12-05 16:23

developer   ~0027113

Dear abv,
Could you check Branch CR24431?


2014-03-03 17:38

manager   ~0028099

I have reimplemented support of SVG with less interference with LaTeX documents, by direct conversion of SVG files to PDF. Images can now be inserted with single command @figure{path/to/file.png,"Caption"}. Documentation is extended by additional details on installing MikTeX and Inkscape and insertion of images.

Yuri, please check if this works in your environment. Please convert all images that were in vector format (MS Word Draw) to SVG, and updating all image insertion commands throughout OCCT docs to use new command @figure (as far as it is appropriate).


2014-03-07 16:51

developer   ~0028182

I've added existing .svg images, reviewed and added some advice basing on my own experience.

I guess we can close it now.


2014-03-07 17:03

manager   ~0028183

Considered as tested, please integrate

Related Changesets

occt: master 3d68eaf5

2014-03-13 09:20:08


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0024431: Using svg-images in the documentation

Documentation generator improved to automatically convert SVG images to PDF when PDF documents are generated. This is done with Inkscape thus it becomes necessary for generation of PDF documents.

Doxygen alias "figure" added for easy insertion of images with single command for both HTML and PDF output.

Documentation is updated.

Reviewed and added more recommendations on Document Syntax.
Introduced existing svg images in the documentation.

Description of formatting of plain text, code blocks, and references revised.
Snapshot of structure of dox folder is updated.
Copyright year is corrected in PDF documents to be always the current one.

Some grammar corrections.
Affected Issues
mod - dox/dev_guides/documentation/ Diff File
add - dox/dev_guides/documentation/images/documentation_folders.png Diff File
rm - dox/dev_guides/documentation/images/documentation_image001.png Diff File
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add - dox/dev_guides/documentation/images/documentation_miktex.png Diff File
add - dox/dev_guides/documentation/images/documentation_test_image.svg Diff File
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rm - dox/tutorial/images/tutorial_image003.png Diff File
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