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0024084Open CASCADEOCCT:Meshpublic2022-10-14 16:48
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Summary0024084: Additional tool for resolving 2d loops on discretized wires should be implemented in BRepMesh
DescriptionAccording to fix 0023105 BRepMesh tries to resolve 2d loops (either intended during tessellation procedure - see bug 0023400, - or defined explicitly by edges geometry) on the polygon level when face meshing is performed by BRepMesh_Dealun. It leads to additional computational costs each time a problematic case is faced.

The most appropriate way to eliminate extra calculations is to resolve all possible problems immediately after the data structure of a particular face is formed and before its processing by Delaunay algorithm.

In addition, processed data structure should be stored in face attributes instead of its restoring from poly_triangulation in BRepMesh_FastDiscretFace.
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