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0000024Open CASCADEOCCT:Shape Healingpublic2006-06-29 09:15
ReporterrlnAssigned Tosln 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
OSWindows NT 
Fixed in Version5.0.0 
Summary0000024: Recorded modifications are lost when converting from ShapeBuild_ReShape into ShapeProcess_ShapeContext and back
DescriptionRLN, November 21:
Problem initially detected on 4.0.
Though record of modifications in those two classes seem to
be equivalent, it is not.
To reproduce the problem use Shape Healing Demo

Load Data/SplitAngle/cylinder.brep.
Use menu "Upgrade / Split revolved surfaces", select lateral
cylindrical surfaces and chose "Selected faces" in the
dialog box.
Result is correct - connectivites are preserved.
In this case only ShapeBuild_ReShape is used.

Reload the shape. Use menu "Shape processing", select only
one operator SplitAngle and also chose "Selected faces".
Select the same face.
Result is incorrect - connectivities are lost.
In this case ShapeBuild_ReShape is converted into
ShapeProcess_ShapeContext (inside shape processing) and then
back (in the application). Applying modifications with
method ShapeBuild_ReShape::Apply loses modifications.

IMProvement request - extend ShapeProcess_ShapeContext to
return modifications in the form BRepTools_ReShape.
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