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0023933CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2013-12-19 13:55
ReporterAaron Michalk Assigned Toemv  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2010 
Product Version6.6.0 
Target Version6.7.0Fixed in Version6.7.0 
Summary0023933: Self intersection reported after Fuse operation
DescriptionAfter performing a BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse, BRepAlgoAPI_Check fails with BOPAlgo_SelfIntersect.
Steps To ReproduceBRep_Builder builder;
TopoDS_Shape a, b;
BRepTools::Read(a, std::ifstream("a.brep", builder);
BRepTools::Read(b, std::ifstream("b.brep", builder);
TopoDS_Shape c = BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse(a, b);
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Test case numberbugs modalg_5(010) bug23933

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Aaron Michalk

2013-04-25 02:41

reporter (24,357 bytes)


2013-04-25 10:16

manager   ~0024266

I could not reproduce this in DRAW with official distribution of OCCT 6.6.0 on my system (Windows 7 64-bit). The commands are:

restore a.brep
restore b.brep
bfuse r a b
checkshape r

Note that files a.brep and b.brep need to be modified for DRAW to be able to read them (add first line containing "DBRep_DrawableShape").
The result looks Ok.

Please check if this is reproducible in DRAW on your system, and indicate your platform (OS, compiler, used build method).


2013-04-25 10:20

manager   ~0024267

Oops, sorry, the system has been properly indicated, please ignore my request for it. Just please check if the problem can be reproduced with the DRAW commands above.


2013-04-25 12:23

manager   ~0024270

I have checked with VS 2010 (10.0.40219.1 SP 1 Rel), Debug mode: the problem is not reproduced in DRAW

Aaron Michalk

2013-04-26 03:32

reporter   ~0024284

checkshape reports that "This shape seems to be valid." However, checkshape only calls BRepCheck_Analyzer. It does not call BRepAlgoAPI_Check where the problem is.


2013-04-26 07:05

manager   ~0024285

Sorry I did not recognize the problem is not in BRepCheck but in BOP validity.

The script to reproduce a problem in DRAW:

restore a.brep
restore b.brep
checkshape a
checkshape b
bopargcheck a b -F #F
bfuse r a b
checkshape r
bopargcheck r #F

In OCCT 6.6.0, the last bopargcheck reports self-intersection on one face.
In OCCT 6.5.4 and 6.5.5, first bopargcheck reports 38 faulties, and second 4.


2013-05-15 11:39

developer   ~0024390

The result of fuse operation is a valid shape. So the problem was in the checker for self intersection. I have fixed the problem. The draw commands bopcheck and bopargcheck report OK now for the result.
Please review the Git branch CR23933.


2013-05-16 13:31

manager   ~0024416

Could you provide some explanation to this change? As I can guess from the code, it applies only for (aTypeInt == 4), i.e. likely edge-face intersection, and skips if intersection is shape. Does this mean that no intersection exists? Should not this be applied to other cases?


2013-05-17 12:56

developer   ~0024427

Yes, it means that there is no intersection exists and this should not be applied to the other cases.
I have added the additional check for the case like that (edge lies on the surface of the face, but not on the face itself) in IntTools_BeanFaceIntersector::FastComputeExactIntersection() to prevent creating an Edge/Face intersection. So, please review the Git branch CR23933 once more.


2013-05-21 10:06

tester   ~0024445

Last edited: 2013-05-21 10:06

Dear BugMaster,

Branch CR23933 (and products from GIT master) was compiled on Linux and Windows platforms and tested.
SHA-1: 6aded94450a81ea0b7caddc6c682e692eafa74ba

Number of compiler warnings:

occt component :
Linux: 2 (2 on master)
Windows: 11 (11 on master)

products component :
Linux: 0 (0 on master)
Windows: 64 (64 on master)

No regressions

No improvements

Testing cases:
bugs modalg_5(010) bug23933 - OK

Testing on Linux:
Total MEMORY difference: 366022500 / 365872296
Total CPU difference: 42718.340000001 / 45787.80000000135

Testing on Windows:
Total MEMORY difference: 415905576 / 418425896
Total CPU difference: 35951.6875 / 30650.765625

There are not differences in images found by testdiff.

Related Changesets

occt: master f1419025

2013-05-23 07:55:08


Details Diff
0023933: Self intersection reported after Fuse operation.

Additional check has been added in IntTools_BeanFaceIntersector::FastComputeExactIntersection() to prevent
creating an Edge/Face intersection for the case when edge lies on the surface of the face, but not on the face itself.
Adding test case for this fix
Affected Issues
mod - src/BOPAlgo/BOPAlgo_ArgumentAnalyzer.cxx Diff File
mod - src/BOPTest/BOPTest_CheckCommands.cxx Diff File
mod - src/IntTools/IntTools_BeanFaceIntersector.cxx Diff File
add - tests/bugs/modalg_5/bug23933 Diff File

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