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0023163Community[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2012-05-19 15:502017-07-27 18:23
ReporterRoman Lygin 
Assigned Tomsv 
PlatformAOSLOS VersionL
Product Version[OCCT] 6.5.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0023163: Intersection of tori fails to produce results
DescriptionWhen intersecting two tori GeomAPI_IntSS may either miss part of the possible result or fail to produce result at all. Missing result is usually a circle of radius equal to minor radius of tori lying in the plane perpendicular to tori plane and passing via their locations - see attached screenshot.

Case A:
torus t1 20 5
torus t2 40 0 0 20 5
intersect res t1 t2
# no resulting circle of radius 5 at the intersection of tori, only b-splines

Case B
restore b/surface1_draw s1
restore b/surface2_draw s2
intersection res1 s1 s2
# similar to above - no resulting circle, only b-splines
restore b/comp1.brep c1 - contains points along missing solution

Case C:
restore c/surface1_draw ss1
restore c/surface2_draw ss2
intersection res2 ss1 ss2
# no results
restore c/comp2.brep c2 - contains points along missing solution

Steps To Reproducesee description
TagsNo tags attached.
Test case numberbugs modalg_7 bug23163_1, bug23163_2, bug23163_3
Attached Fileszip file icon (1,846 bytes) 2012-05-19 15:50
png file icon tt-intersect.png (137,064 bytes) 2012-05-19 15:51

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Roman Lygin (developer)
2012-12-05 12:03

Has this bug ever been triaged ? It is in the new state for 6+ months.
Thanks for paying attention to it.
abv (manager)
2012-12-05 12:16

Roman, as you know analysis of Community bugs is lowest priority, unless these are really critical. Please try to find solution yourself it it is important for you. Sorry...
git (administrator)
2017-07-14 17:26

Branch CR23163 has been created by mkv.

SHA-1: 06ac62bf5e656cc2ce72ec47713042b7689d0734

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: mkv
Date: Fri Jul 14 17:25:51 2017 +0300

    Test for 0023163: Intersection of tori fails to produce results
mkv (tester)
2017-07-27 18:23

Dear BugMaster,
problem described in issue is reproduced on current state of OCCT.

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2012-05-19 15:50 Roman Lygin New Issue
2012-05-19 15:50 Roman Lygin Assigned To => jgv
2012-05-19 15:50 Roman Lygin File Added:
2012-05-19 15:51 Roman Lygin File Added: tt-intersect.png
2012-12-05 12:03 Roman Lygin Note Added: 0022563
2012-12-05 12:16 abv Note Added: 0022567
2017-07-14 17:26 git Note Added: 0068323
2017-07-14 17:27 mkv Test case number => bugs modalg_7 bug23163_1, bug23163_2, bug23163_3
2017-07-19 17:15 mkv Assigned To jgv => msv
2017-07-19 17:15 mkv Status new => assigned
2017-07-27 18:23 mkv Note Added: 0068817

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