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0023148CommunityOCCT:Data Exchangepublic2012-11-16 13:16
Reportergoeranbarz Assigned Togka  
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PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2010 
Product Version6.5.3 
Target Version6.5.4Fixed in Version6.5.4 
Summary0023148: Error in stepstrcmp
DescriptionI have a step file, in which the parts of a complex type are not in the correct alphabetical order. For example it contains the line

This causus a wrong result in stepstrcmp in file StepData_StepReaderData.cxx
should return true but returns false
Additional information
and documentation updates
The line
   if (name[i] == ' ') { j = i; break; }

stops comparing, if the name ends and doesn't check, if the type also ends, so it doesn't matter, if the type is REPRESENTATION_RELATIONSHIP_WITH_TRANSFORMATION or

This is not a problem, if the alphabetical order is correct, but it doesn't work, if these two objects are in the wrong alphabetical order of a complex type.

The function shoult also check if type ends here:

   if (name[i] == ' ' && type[i] == '\0') { j = i; break; }
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2012-05-11 17:17

developer   ~0020507

Corrected check for comparison of types of complex entities for STEP in order to translate files containing written not alphabetical order complex entities.


2012-05-11 17:19

developer   ~0020508

Dear Bugmaster.

Branch CR23148 is ready to test


2012-05-14 18:20

tester   ~0020533

Dear BugMaster,
Workbench KAS:dev:apn-23148-occt was created from git branch CR23148
(and apn-23148-products from svn trunk) and compiled on Linux platform.

There are not regressions in apn-23148-products regarding to KAS:dev:products-20120415-opt
There are not improvements in apn-23148-products regarding to KAS:dev:products-20120415-opt

See results in /QADisk/occttests/results/KAS/dev/apn-23148-products_12052012/lin
See reference results in /QADisk/occttests/results/KAS/dev/products-20120415-opt_13042012/lin
See test cases in /QADisk/occttests/tests/ED
N.B. In order to launch testing case you can make use the following instructions

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occt: master d029c7ef

2012-05-11 12:59:04


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0023148: Error in stepstrcmp

Fix for reading complex entities in STEP reader
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mod - src/StepData/StepData_StepReaderData.cxx Diff File

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