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0022933CommunityOCCT:Foundation Classespublic2013-04-29 15:22
Reporterbrueninghaus Assigned Tobugmaster  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.5.2 
Target Version6.6.0Fixed in Version6.6.0 
Summary0022933: Thread-safe locale handling in OSD_Localizer
DescriptionThread-safe. There is a discussion on this topic at:

The changed implementation of OSD_Localizer uses uselocale() or _configthreadlocale() (on Windows, that seems to miss uselocale) as described in [3].

It also implements the suggestion of Markus Rhein [3] to reset the locale in the destructor. Since the function Restore() is no longer needed, it is removed.

I removed also the functions SetLocale(), Locale() and Category() since they are used nowhere.

I have changed the (up to now) only occurrence of OSD_Localizer in OpenGl_GraphicDriver_Export.cxx to work with the new implementation.

I have not done anything to the cdl-file, since I miss knowledge on this.

It seems to work on my system (Debian Squeeze, 32bit), but other platforms have to be tested too.

If think you want to add relationship to 0022808 and 0022898. They can be easily resolved after this one.
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related to 0022808 closedbugmaster Undocumented change of global locale 
related to 0022898 closedabv IGES import fails in german environment 



2012-01-30 02:58


OSD_Localizer-thread_safe.diff (3,823 bytes)


2013-02-19 12:27

developer   ~0023383

Dear bugmaster,

the suggested changes (thread-safe locale handling) were done within 0022898 patch. Please close the bug.

Standard_CLocaleSentry is a new replacement for removed OSD_Localizer and now intended only for temporary switch C runtime library locale to "C" locale.


2013-02-19 18:49

administrator   ~0023392

Problem has been corrected by fix for 0022898 issue

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