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0022877Open CASCADEOCCT:VISpublic2020-08-13 15:50
ReportersanAssigned Tobugmaster  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version6.8.0Fixed in Version6.8.0 
Summary0022877: Draw Harness - add plugin for VIS component
DescriptionIt is necessary to provide a DRAW plugin library (IVtkTest) with set of commands for initializing the VTK 3D view, basic interactive operations - zoom, rotate, pan, selection, displaying/erasing shapes using VIS component API).

Its sources should be put into VIS component SVN.
Additional information
and documentation updates
VIS source files were moved from samples/vtk to src and now VIS compiles with WOK under Windows and Linux.
New DRAW plugin were added for VIS testing (TKIVtkDraw).

List of added packages:

IVtk package:


IVtkOCC package:


IVtkVTK package:


IVtkTools package:


IVtkDraw package:



To compile VIS with WOK it's necessary to modify following files in WOK installation directory:


add variables

  @set %CSF_VTK_INCLUDES = "";
  @set %CSF_VTK = "";


add strings

  @string %CSF_VTK_INCLUDES = " ";
  @string %CSF_VTK = "vtkCommon.lib vtkRendering.lib vtkFiltering.lib vtkGraphics.lib";


add string

  @set %CSF_VTK = "-lvtkRendering -lvtkCommon -lvtkFiltering -lvtkGraphics";

WOK/site/custom.bat (or use GUI tool for customizing environment) : add path to VTK dir


New DRAW commands were added:

ivtkinit - creates 3D viewer window
ivtkdisplay - displays named objects
ivtkerase - erases named or all displayed objects
ivtkfit - automatic zoom/panning
ivtksetdispmode - sets display mode for named or all displayed objects
ivtksetselmode - sets selection mode for named or all displayed objects
ivtkmoveto - imitates mouse move to input point
ivtkselect - imitates selection in input point

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  • products_UserGuides_DOC_vis.doc (283,136 bytes)
  • products_UserGuides_DOC_vis_SSV.doc (404,480 bytes)
  • products_UserGuides_DOC_vis_ABA.doc (501,248 bytes)


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parent of 0029187 assigned Open CASCADE VIS - TKIVtkDraw should support Cocoa on macOS 
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2012-06-07 19:54


products_UserGuides_DOC_vis.doc (283,136 bytes)


2012-06-07 19:58

developer   ~0020665

File products_UserGuides_DOC_vis.doc added


2012-06-07 20:00

developer   ~0020666

Branch CR22877 in occt-products repository is ready for reviewing


2012-07-16 10:54

developer   ~0020979

1. I have slightly modified the text in the attached user's guide in a hope to make it a bit more clear. Please find the adjusted text in another attachment.

2. Usage of VTK smart pointers seems to be not always correct. E.g. you define a type shortcut PRenderer for vtkSmartPointer<vtkRenderer> and then allocate it like this:

PRenderer aRenderer = vtkRenderer::New();

However, the correct version will be:

PRenderer aRenderer = PRenderer::New();

Please find details in This concerns almost all other VTK types used in IVtkDraw (vtkRenderWindow, filters etc).

3. I've got a compilation problem in IVtkDraw_Interactor::Enable method on my x64-SEVEN workstation. This is due to the following invocation:

SetWindowLong(this->WindowId, GWL_WNDPROC, (LONG)WndProc);

MSDN states that this function is obsolete and recommends to change it with the following:

SetWindowLongPtr(this->WindowId, GWLP_WNDPROC, (LONG_PTR)WndProc);

4. VERTEX selection mode does not work. This can be reproduced by the following simple script:

box a 1 1 1
ivtkdisplay a
ivtksetselmode 1 1

This happens because Highlight and Selection DisplayModeFilter instances ignore VTK cells with "Free Vertex" type. As I see, this behavior is configured by calling the corresponding SetDisplaySharedVertices method of IVtkTools_DisplayModeFilter class. I have slightly adjusted VtkSetSelectionMode command to take it into accout.

On the whole, new IVtkDraw package looks quite well from my opinion.

Dear Sergey (SAN),

I have modified IVtkDraw sources according to the mentioned remarks. However, I think that it is worth finalizing the user's guide still.


2012-07-16 11:13


products_UserGuides_DOC_vis_SSV.doc (404,480 bytes)


2012-07-16 16:06

developer   ~0020990

Another remark to proceed: it seems that VIS component is not protected by OCC License yet.


2012-07-16 20:13

developer   ~0020997

I have got more remarks to the sources of IVtkDraw package:

1. Finally, I think it is a bad idea to mix up the usage of VTK smart pointers with raw pointers. As official documentation says, the assignment of a raw pointer to the correspondent smart pointer object does not transfer the ownership to that smart pointer object correctly. That is why the code like

PActor anActor = anActorCollection->GetNextActor();

does not make sense. It only introduces additional unnecessary conversions from raw pointer type to the smart one (PActor is a type definition for vtkSmartPointer<vtkActor>). In order to prevent such a mess I would propose to avoid such type definitions at all. E.g. in the mentioned case it will be

vtkActor* anActor = anActorCollection->GetNextActor();

2. Consider the following case:

box a 1 1 1
psphere b 1
vtkdisplay a
vtkdisplay b
vtksetselmode a 1 1
vtksetselmode b 1 1

This script creates two primitive solids and sets selection mode to VERTEX for both. Now execute the following command:

vtksetselmode b 1 0

This will lead to un-setting the VERTEX selection mode not only for shape "b" but also for shape "a". This issue is caused by the fact that both "a" and "b" presentations utilize the same visualization pipeline and have the same highlight/selection Display Mode filter instance. The latter instance is in-turn responsible
for displaying shared vertices. If we switch off the Free Vertex visibility for "b", the same thing will obviously happen to "a". I would propose not to use such shared pipelines at all.

Instead we can allocate as many pipelines as many shapes we have. This approach will resolve the issue with VERTEX selection mode. Moreover, it will simplify the pipeline's architecture to the minimal required. It will be possible to move the visualization code from IVtkDraw::CreateActor to more suitable place -- the pipeline itself. Finally, I think that having one-to-one correspondence between pipelines and shapes is more natural, less error-prone (as less filtering is going to applied) and easy to maintain.


2012-08-18 14:50

developer   ~0021278

The final reviewed versions of VIS User's Guide and VIS DRAW User's Guide can be found in CR22877 branch of occt-doc.git repository.


2012-08-18 15:01

developer   ~0021279

Last edited: 2012-08-18 15:01

For VIS sample application and OCCLicense there are now separate Mantis issues 0023390 and #23391.


2012-08-21 16:40

developer   ~0021305

The final set of changes related to correction of 0022901 and #23302 is ready in branch CR22877.

Possibility to run VIS tests in offscreen mode using DRAWEXE -v is not yet implemented, see #23396.

Dear bugmaster,

Could you please create a set of tests covering the following VIS capabilities:

- Initializing and closing VTK view
- Displaying and erasing OCCT shapes
- Setting display modes for displayed shapes
- Activating and deactivating selection modes for displayed shapes and checking selection results

Then, the tests can be run in "windowed" mode, or at least this is worth trying.


2012-08-22 19:03

developer   ~0021310

Here are the instructions how to build VTK on all supported platforms.

1. Download and/or build cmake utility:

2. Download the latest VTK sources:

3. Create a separate build directory and run:
- cmake-gui under Windows
- ccmake under Linux

4. Specify the VTK source and build directories in the configuration window, then "Configure".
Under Windows, you will be asked to choose VC++ compiler version to be used among the available ones.

5. Switch to "Advanced" view. Leave most configuration options in default state, paying attention to the following ones:






CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX: <dir_where_to_install_VTK>

Make sure these variables refer to the same FreeType installation as the one used for building OCCT

Make sure these variables refer to the same gl2ps installation as the one used for building OCCT

VTK_USE_64BIT_IDS: ON <- for 64-bit platforms














6. "Configure", then "Generate" (if no errors appear), otherwise correct the errors and "Configure"/"Generate" again.

7. After successful generation of VC++ project files under Windows or Makefiles under Linux simply run the corresponding build tool. No environment script is required, as cmake puts all necessary absolute paths into the projects/Makefiles.

8. NOTE: cmake installs Debug and Release binaries to the same directory, so you might need to rename the binary dir in order to prevent the installed binaries form being overwritten.
After installing VTK in Debug configuration under Windows, you might need to copy VTK .pdb files to the binary installation directory from the build directory manually, sometimes this is not done automatically.


2012-11-06 20:49

developer   ~0022115

Dear bugmaster,

GIT branch CR22877_1 has been created in the products repository, it includes the changes from outdated CR22877 but it is based on the current master HEAD. This branch also includes correction for 0023495.
It is ready for testing now, even if offscreen rendering is not yet implemented by IVtkDraw.

I kindly ask you to force testing of VIS component, otherwise in some weeks we will have once again to waste time on rebasing.


2014-02-12 17:10

developer   ~0027863

Current sources ported on OCCT 6.7.0 under Windows canb e found in CR22877_1 branch in occt-products.


2014-02-12 17:44

developer   ~0027865


1. Build VTK 5.10.1
2. Update WOK 6.7.0 to support VTK as optional OCCT prerequisite (see how OpenCL integration is done, for example)
3. Prepare VIS sources in a branch in OCCT Git, finalize migration to current OCCT development version under Linux.
4. Implement ivtkdump command + support of "virtual window" DRAW mode (offscreen rendering)
5. Correct most critical bugs.
6. Analayze and improve VIS performance


2014-04-03 12:36

developer   ~0028651

Last edited: 2014-04-25 16:40

Dear san,

the first version of VIS in OCC is ready for review:
- in OCC repository the branch CR22877_1,
- in WOK repository the branch CR22877_1.


2014-04-25 16:39

developer   ~0029080

Dear kgv,

Could you please review the branch CR22877_1 in the WOK repository?


2014-06-09 12:35

developer   ~0029742

The git branch CR22877_2 was added.

The branch consists of :
- TKIvkDraw toolkit, that provides VTK windows in OCC and tcl test commands
- test cases


2014-06-09 12:37

developer   ~0029743

The branch CR22877_2 is to be tested and integrated only after patch for 0024904 is integrated.


2014-06-09 12:41

developer   ~0029745

Dear san,

please review the branch CR22877_2.


2014-07-09 14:42

developer   ~0030032

The patch was updated, rebased on current master, and pushed in CR22877_3.


2014-07-12 21:52

developer   ~0030100

Dear Anastasia,

please consider the following remarks:

+static Standard_Boolean IsEqual (const TopoDS_Shape theLeft,
+                                 const TopoDS_Shape theRight)

Please create hasher structure instead. Handles should be passed by reference.

+#define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0400  // for trackmouseevent support  requires Win95 with IE 3.0 or greater.
+#ifdef WNT
+#include <windows.h>

Please use proper macros - _WIN32 for Windows, WNT is deprecated. Move _WIN32_WINNT to #ifdef _WIN32 block.

+static Handle(ShapePipelineMap) GetPipelines()
+  static Handle(ShapePipelineMap) aPLMap;

static const Handle(ShapePipelineMap)& GetPipelines().

+static Handle(PipelinePtr) GetPipeline (const IVtk_IdType& theShapeID)
+  Handle(ShapePipelineMap) aPLMap = GetPipelines();
+  if ( !aPLMap->IsBound(theShapeID) )
+  {
+    return NULL;
+  }
+  return aPLMap->Find (theShapeID);

Handle(PipelinePtr) aPtr;
GetPipelines()->Find (theShapeID, aPtr);
return aPtr;

+Standard_Integer GenerateId()
+  static int shapesCounter = 0;
+  return shapesCounter++;

static unsigned int shapesCounter = (unsigned int )-1;
return (Standard_Integer )++shapesCounter;

+  vtkActor* anActor;

Please avoid using uninitialized variables.

+    Standard_Integer aMode = atoi(theArgs[2]);

Here and in other places - please use Draw::Atoi() instead.

+    if (strcasecmp (aBufferTypeStr, "rgb") == 0)

Please use TCollection_AsciiString for strings comparison.

+  }
+    else if (aFormat.IsEqual ("pnm"))
+  {
+    anImageWriter = vtkSmartPointer<vtkPNMWriter>::New();
+  }


+void IVtkDraw::Commands (Draw_Interpretor& theCommands)
+ const char *group = "VtkViewer";
+ theCommands.Add("ivtkinit",

No isFirst protection.

+// Created on: 2012-02-03
+// Copyright (c) 2011-2014 OPEN CASCADE SAS

Inconsistent dates.

+#ifndef _Standard_HeaderFile
+#include <Standard.hxx>
+#ifndef _Standard_Macro_HeaderFile
+#include <Standard_Macro.hxx>

Please remove redundant ifdefs.

+class IVtkDraw
+  void* operator new (size_t, void* theAddress)
+  {
+    return theAddress;
+  }
+  void* operator new (size_t theSize)
+  {
+    return Standard::Allocate (theSize);
+  }
+  void  operator delete (void* theAddress)
+  {
+    if (theAddress) Standard::Free((Standard_Address&) theAddress);
+  }

Please use DEFINE_STANDARD_ALLOC instead.

+  for (ShapePipelineMap::Iterator anIt (*theMap.operator->()); anIt.More(); anIt.Next())

*theMap is enough.

+  Handle(Aspect_Window) GetOCCWindow() const;

const reference.

+Standard_Boolean IVtkDraw_Interactor::IsEnabled()

const method.

+  anInteractor = (IVtkDraw_Interactor *)GetWindowLong (theHWnd, GWLP_USERDATA);


reinterpret_cast<XConfigureEvent *>(&anEvent)

Please access union XEvent options without casts - like anEvent.xconfigure.

+#ifdef WNT
+  HWND               WindowId;
+  Standard_Integer   MouseInWindow;
+  Window           WindowId;
+  Display          *DisplayId;
+  Standard_Boolean isLeftButtonPressed;

Class IVtkDraw_Interactor fields are not initialized within constructor.


2014-07-15 14:44

developer   ~0030161

The branch CR22877_3 was updated according to last remarks.


2014-07-15 15:10

administrator   ~0030163

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated forcibly by aba.

SHA-1: 17a884e69c5af4895e91965d2b98f92cb564f301


2014-07-15 15:11

administrator   ~0030165

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated forcibly by aba.

SHA-1: 6c1a487ffc400660d3da23f7a95ae2eddffe0e85


2014-07-15 15:17

administrator   ~0030166

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated forcibly by aba.

SHA-1: d35e2b22423cec23880c0b309d84b8056db00a7c


2014-07-18 14:55

developer   ~0030246

Last edited: 2014-07-18 14:55

To be migrated to VTK 6.1.0 - see 0024904:0030245.


2014-07-22 16:24

administrator   ~0030362

Branch CR22877 has been deleted by inv.

SHA-1: b4e0791f66774c45bfe5ff43ea85852313b97bd9


2014-07-22 17:04

administrator   ~0030368

Branch CR22877 has been created by inv.

SHA-1: b4e0791f66774c45bfe5ff43ea85852313b97bd9


2014-08-20 11:59

administrator   ~0030920

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated forcibly by aba.

SHA-1: 6035de136e26ab79b99573af2189d3c502dd5787


2014-08-20 12:03

developer   ~0030923

The patch was ported to VTK 6.1.0 and rebased on current master.

Dear san,

could you please review the branch CR22877_3?


2014-08-22 17:01

developer   ~0031042

Dear bugmaster,

please test all patches related to integration of VIS component (component itself, Draw plugin / tests, patch for WOK introducing new dependency).


2014-08-28 17:56

administrator   ~0031167

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated forcibly by aba.

SHA-1: 20a2746fadb48eada137dbcfc88e74f6f72ca773


2014-08-28 18:00

administrator   ~0031168

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated forcibly by aba.

SHA-1: 73759dc1f5c63c66ef7dccfd2cfc4465ec2660bb


2014-09-03 17:49

administrator   ~0031323

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated by aba.

SHA-1: a4ccd7fefb450cd4132b476b40d5076eb052830f

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: aba
Date: Wed Sep 3 17:37:52 2014 +0400

    ivtkdump virtual mode correction.


2014-09-03 19:28

administrator   ~0031328

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated forcibly by aba.

SHA-1: 98beda210bcc7664e2d27e333a3b9300992a64db


2014-09-04 10:52

administrator   ~0031343

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated forcibly by aba.

SHA-1: 40db411a9ba6d23781518f1e798401318def80e6


2014-09-05 17:19

administrator   ~0031425

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated by aba.

SHA-1: 1e6b22661988435828a3198d477798b430c532de

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: aba
Date: Fri Sep 5 17:19:14 2014 +0400

    Corrected offscreen rendering mode.


2014-09-08 14:05

administrator   ~0031443

Branch CR22877_3 has been updated by aba.

SHA-1: e7aec4dd17bec70baeee5a553f84dddb91242d3f

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: aba
Date: Mon Sep 8 14:04:02 2014 +0400

    Moved vinit command from /v3d/begin script to avoid unused occ view in ivtk tests.


2014-09-12 19:51


products_UserGuides_DOC_vis_ABA.doc (501,248 bytes)


2014-09-12 19:56

developer   ~0031689

Dear ssv,

Due to VIS integration on OCC, documentation for VIS is to be provided.

I have updated attached documentation in track mode and upload it in products_UserGuides_DOC_vis_ABA.doc.

Could you please revise it and provide remarks if any?


2014-09-30 11:34

administrator   ~0032380

Branch CR22877 has been deleted by inv.

SHA-1: b4e0791f66774c45bfe5ff43ea85852313b97bd9


2014-09-30 11:34

administrator   ~0032381

Branch CR22877_1 has been deleted by inv.

SHA-1: 3f1d4615aef99dee30faa0cfea8f5f43c9bb2f09


2014-09-30 11:34

administrator   ~0032382

Branch CR22877_2 has been deleted by inv.

SHA-1: 9852260e242e92efeeadbd21eee6ccc8e5f175c6


2014-09-30 11:34

administrator   ~0032383

Branch CR22877_3 has been deleted by inv.

SHA-1: e7aec4dd17bec70baeee5a553f84dddb91242d3f

Related Changesets

occt: master 52f99d93

2014-09-11 09:37:09


Committer: bugmaster Details Diff
0022877: Implementation of DRAW commands for non-regression testing:

- TKIVtkDraw toolkit provides IVtk packages functionality in DRAW.

- it allows to create VTK interactive view in regular or virtual mode (virtual windows),
display OCC objects and dump them.

- TKIVtkDraw provides also test commands: ivtlinit, ivtkdisplay, ivtkerase, ivtksetdispmode,
ivtksetselmode, ivtkmoveto, ivtkselect, ivtkfit, ivtkdump, ivtkbgcolor.

Corrected offscreen rendering mode.

Moved vinit command from /v3d/begin script to avoid unused occ view in ivtk tests.
Affected Issues
mod - adm/UDLIST Diff File
mod - src/DrawResources/DrawPlugin Diff File
add - src/IVtkDraw/EXTERNLIB Diff File
add - src/IVtkDraw/FILES Diff File
add - src/IVtkDraw/IVtkDraw.cxx Diff File
add - src/IVtkDraw/IVtkDraw.hxx Diff File
add - src/IVtkDraw/IVtkDraw_HighlightAndSelectionPipeline.cxx Diff File
add - src/IVtkDraw/IVtkDraw_HighlightAndSelectionPipeline.hxx Diff File
add - src/IVtkDraw/IVtkDraw_Interactor.cxx Diff File
add - src/IVtkDraw/IVtkDraw_Interactor.hxx Diff File
mod - src/OS/Draw.tcl Diff File
add - src/TKIVtkDraw/EXTERNLIB Diff File
add - src/TKIVtkDraw/FILES Diff File
add - src/TKIVtkDraw/PACKAGES Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/edge/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/edge_face/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/edge_solid/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/end Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/face/begin Diff File
add - tests/v3d/glsl/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/grids.list Diff File
add - tests/v3d/ivtk/begin Diff File
add - tests/v3d/ivtk/bgcolor Diff File
add - tests/v3d/ivtk/detect Diff File
add - tests/v3d/ivtk/display_mode Diff File
add - tests/v3d/ivtk/erase Diff File
add - tests/v3d/ivtk/select Diff File
add - tests/v3d/ivtk/selection_mode Diff File
add - tests/v3d/materials/begin Diff File
add - tests/v3d/raytrace/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/vertex/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/vertex_edge/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/vertex_face/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/vertex_solid/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/vertex_wire/begin Diff File
add - tests/v3d/voxel/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/wire/begin Diff File
mod - tests/v3d/wire_solid/begin Diff File

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2014-09-11 13:33 bugmaster Status reviewed => tested
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2014-09-15 11:14 bugmaster Status feedback => verified
2014-09-15 11:14 bugmaster Resolution open => fixed
2014-09-18 09:58 abv Category PRODUCTS:VIS => OCCT:VIS
2014-09-18 10:39 bugmaster Project Internal => Open CASCADE
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